June 21, 2024


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smart design studio’s nickson 61 house takes shape with peeling surfaces

clever design studio adapts to an irregular good deal


intelligent style and design studio completes its brick ‘nickson 61’ dwelling as an instance of adaptive reuse in the australian metropolis of surry hills. the challenging web page is positioned at the conclude of a row of terraces toward the conclusion of the road, and contained a late-19th century terrace beside a vacant good deal measuring a few meters (approximately 10 toes) wide. this ton was initially occupied by a residence which has given that been demolished. the ensuing large amount was a harmful crack in the sample of created type, specifically the scale of the streetscape with its attributes filling the boundaries of every single plot.

smart design studio nickson
pictures by romello pereira | @romellopereirastudio



reimagining the custom corner making in surry hills


in reaction to the irregular web site, smart design and style studio (see much more listed here) established many critical goals to fortify the character of nickson road. the incorporate the reintroduction of created kind and, the reinterpretation of the standard corner creating, the selection of elements and forms that enrich the factor, and the integration of windows to produce vivid, non-public interiors which have terrific engagement to their surroundings. 


the standard typology for a corner internet site inside of this conservation regions is the corner store — a modest-scale developing that reinforces the corner and gives public amenity and character to the city precinct. the design and style establishes a modern version of this typology, addressing the conventional angled corner boundary form and responding to the common brickwork design of the corner setting up.


the bold new peeling variety completes the row of the terraces and presents distinction to the existing developed sort that was restored to its primary victorian depth. the sculptural kind is cautiously deemed to retain the expression of adjacent terrace envelope, although strategic slots in the façade curve out to open up to the road corner and sky.

smart design studio nickson



the sustainable intervention


wise style and design studio’s nickson 61 property observes essential concepts of energy efficiency and makes the most of passive thermal and photo voltaic design and style on a difficult south-experiencing web site. the additions supply enhanced entry to natural gentle and air flow for the residential dwellings like generous windows. new walls have cavity insulation although the existing terrace roof was retrofitted with insulation to strengthen thermal consolation. a under-ground rainwater tank was put in for reuse of drinking water on web page.


nickson 61 is a up to date, bespoke contribution to surry hills. it provides clever reuse of present constructing inventory to deliver boutique commercial and household house that exemplifies the vivid blended-use character of the suburb and delivers a bold formal addition to the architecture of the location.

smart design studio nickson
the design and style establishes a contemporary variation of the corner creating smart design studio's nickson street house takes shape with peeling brick surfaces
the team responds to the typical brickwork building of the space