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NutriChef Automatic Handheld Vacuum Sealer Machine Review 2022

NutriChef Automatic Handheld Vacuum Sealer Machine Review 2022

NutriChef Automatic Handheld Vacuum Sealer Machine review

Buying food items in bulk always works out to be economical. However, the preservation of this bulk purchase is a deterrent. Vacuum sealing food to preserve it is one of the best options for preserving highly perishable items. Besides large purchases, you can also preserve the harvest for your garden, make a large batch of sauces or soups and enjoy them for months, preserve pureed pulp such as pumpkin puree and enjoy the feeling of autumn all through the year. If you have a busy schedule throughout the week or you wish to sit back and relax over the weekend, just vacuum seal the meal preps and enjoy doing what you like with the saved time.

NutriChef Automatic Handheld Vacuum Sealer Machine helps preserve food for up to five times longer than traditional preservation and storage methods. Besides locking in the freshness of the food item, this vacuum sealer also retains the flavor, aroma, taste, and texture. In addition, vacuum-sealing food items with the NutriChef Vacuum Sealer Machine before storing them in the freezer prevents the formation of ice crystals and food from sustaining a freezer burn. Vacuum sealing also protects food from mold and other bacterial growth and does not let the food turn rancid.

NutriChef vacuum sealers feature an integrated sealer bag roll storage as well as a cutter to help you make custom-size bags depending on the portion of the item you want to preserve. For example, using freezer bags to store food lets you save a lot of space instead of keeping food in boxes or Ziploc bags.

To ensure the most suitable preservation, depending on the type of food you wish to seal and store, NutriChef Automatic Handheld Vacuum Sealer Machine offers three different sealing modes.

  1. Dry Seal Mode: This mode should ideally be the default mode the vacuum sealer set to. It is ideal for solid food items.
  2. Moist Seal Mode: Use this sealing mode when you wish to seal food items that contain liquids, or there is a possibility of moisture in the bag. This is not applicable when sealing sauces and soups. NutriChef Vacuum Sealer will pull out the added moisture, if any. The moist seal mode helps the appliance understand that the heater bar needs to adjust the heat level to ensure a secure seal.
  3. Pickle Seal Mode: Pickle Seal Mode can be used when pickling seasoned food or when marinating food. This seal mode helps speed up the process of pickling or marinating instead of when left outside for the process to occur naturally.

NutriChef Automatic Handheld Vacuum Sealer Machine is extremely easy to operate. The top panel features digital buttons and LED light indicators that help you keep an eye on the stage of progression of the sealing. In addition, NutriChefVacuum Sealer has a stain-resistant body that allows easy cleaning.

This vacuum sealer comes with five pre-cut vacuum sealer bags. The bags are waterproof, washable and reusable. It also includes a sealer bag roll as well as a wine stopper. In addition, a vacuum suction hose, which is a part of the kit, helps you vacuum seal various items such as zipper bags, canisters, etc.


  • Effectively prolongs the shelf life of food
  • Integrated sealer bag roll storage as well as a cutter
  • Reusable sealer bags helps reduce plastic wastage
  • Stain-resistant body facilitates easy cleaning


  • Some online reviewers said they were not happy with the shipment packaging.


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