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How to Build a DIY Dog Wash Station at Home?

How to Build a DIY Dog Wash Station at Home?

Are you planning to build a DIY dog wash station at your home?

It’s in the nature of the dogs to get dirty. So, most homeowners look for ways to protect their homes from the dirt and mud that they carry. It’s a good idea to wash your pet with water and soap to remove all the mess.

A dog wash station is an amazing solution to this problem; you can build it at your home where you bathe your lovely pet and get it neat and clean. In this article, we will learn to build a dog washing station.

Tools and Materials

How to Build Dog Bathing Station?

Take a wood piece of the size 2” x 4” and cut it into 16 sections. The length of each section should be 16 sections. Keep the remaining pieces safe as they can be used later. Now, take a plywood piece and cut a piece in such a way that its length is 60 inches and width is 36 inches.

Cutting of the wood for DIY Dog Wash Station (2)

Construct the dog washer enclosure in the following steps:

Constructing the Back and Side Walls of DIY Dog Wash Station

Back Wall

Place one section of 60-inch at the bottom and lay another piece over it. Now place 4 pieces of the same size in such a way that they come perpendicular between the two sections.

Left Wall

Now use a 36-inch piece at the bottom of the left wall and place another piece of the same size over it. Now place three 60-inch pieces perpendicular to the two 36-inch sections, and make sure they come between them.

Right Wall

Build the right wall using the same procedure as the left wall.

Take two 60-inch pieces and two 36-inch pieces. Now, construct a rectangle from these pieces. Repeat the same steps to make one more ring.

Construct the Internal Structural Rings

Now connect the left, right, and back walls with the two rings. Place one ring at the height of 36 inches and the other at 6 inches height. Assemble all the walls using nails.

Place the plywood piece at the top of the upper structural ring and fix it using nails or screws. Pour a generous amount of construction adhesive on the shower pan area and place it there. Press it firmly and keep heavy things on it. Now leave it to dry for one or two hours.

Install the Shower Pan for DIY Dog Wash Station

Fix the cement board sheet on the sides and back walls and use screws on it. Use screws on the sheets every 8 inches apart.

Cement Board for DIY Dog Wash Station

This step is to apply tiles on the back and side walls. First, apply the thin-set mortar to the cement board using a notched trowel. Fix the tiles on these boards one by one and keep pressing them.

Once all the tiling is done now apply rubber tile float across the tiles.

There will be a hole in the shower pan; cut a hole of the same size in the plywood. Now install the drain assembly from the shower pan and install a P-trap from below. After completing this step, connect the P-trap to the drainage system of your home.

Installing the Drain for DIY Dog Wash Station

On the back wall of the enclosure, install the assembly of the handheld shower head. Make connections between hot and cold water supply on the showerhead assembly.

Installing the Water Supply for DIY Dog Wash Station

More DIY Dog Wash Station Ideas

DIY Dog Bath Tub

This idea to build a dog bathtub will cost you around $150 – $200. You will need different materials like a 100-gallon plastic tub, cinder block, etc. Put cinder blocks under the plastic tub to keep the tub above the ground. Keep a height that is comfortable for you.

If you want to install a proper drain and shower system, you can add these things.

DIY Dog Bath Clawfoot Tub Design

You don’t need a new claw foot bathtub to build your dog wash station. Because it may cost you more. Search any clawfoot tub in the old estate sale to spend less on it.

Place this tub in your garden and enjoy bathing your pet in this traditional tub.

DIY Dog Bath Pool

This is a great idea for your pet’s wash. However, it’s a time-consuming project and it can take about a week to complete it. You will need different materials to make a pool in the ground of your garden.

So, it is an easy way to wash your pets by taking a bath in the bathing pool.

Dog Wash Station

You can install a shower system in your outdoor area but attached to your indoor bathroom. This is will be an open shower station for your pets and you will find it comfortable.

Dog Spa Bath Tub

You can build a bathtub in your yard with a spa system for your dog. But it should be covered with a cover so that it can be protected from the insects and germs building. So, that it cannot harm your pets.

DIY Dog Shower

To DIY a shower area for your dog means to build an area that costs less and you don’t have to buy many tools and materials for it.

So this idea is great because it does not need any tub or shower pan; the concrete grout has more traction than slippery tubs. You will only need PVC pipes to make a shower frame for your dog. For this purpose valves, t-joints, elbows, and adaptors will be required.

Dog Hydra Bath

A handheld shower makes the process of our dog washing easy whether you are using a shower pan or a bathtub. So, in this idea, you will use a hydro hose. You have to remove the shower head from your shower and install a long hose to it.

Then connect the handheld shower. This makes the cleaning easier because it is not possible to clean the fur of the dog effectively using the shower head.

Tips to Build a DIY Dog Wash Station

  • If the washing station is above the ground floor, it will be difficult to move the dog up and down. So, its better to make steps so that you can easily move the dog up and down.
  • You can change the size of the washing station. For smaller dogs, you can use 36” x 36” shower pan.
  • Place a non-slippery mat on the shower pan so that it becomes easy for you to hold the dog.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How to Construct a Dog Grooming Station?

There is a variety of designs to make dog grooming stations. You can use your old bathtub or steel tank in building the washing station. It’s difficult to move the dog up and down so build stairs in it.

Install showerhead and drain assembly. Finally, connect the drain to the drainage system of your house.

How Much Deep a Dog Wash Station Should Be?

The washing station should be deep enough so that you can comfortably wash your dog in it. Measure the height of the dog up to its shoulders and construct the walls of the washing station of that length. You can increase this height 3 – 6 inches more.

How to Construct a Dog Shower?

Make a frame of the dog shower using wood pieces. Install the shower pan and cement board pieces. Now apply tiles on the cement boards. Install shower drain and handheld shower pan.

Is a Self-Service Dog Wash Advantageous?

It can be a profitable business because each year the number of dog owners is increasing. So the pet industry continues to experience profit.

How Does a Dog Wash Station Work?

In a dog wash station, your chosen soap is applied to the fur of your dog’s body. Now, rinse the dog’s body by turning on the shower. This way, all the soap residues will be removed.

After removing all the conditioner and shampoo that you have used while bathing, you can use a towel to dry your pet’s fur.

Final Thoughts

Building a diy dog wash station at home is not a difficult task and every pet owner can have this amazing facility. However, you need all the proper tools and equipment to DIY it.

It’s a good idea to clean all the messes and mud from your dog, after playing in the park and muddy areas. So, washing him will also protect your home from germs and bacteria if your pet has carried them.