May 21, 2024


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House for sale in Arizona comes with 9-hole putting green



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A four-bedroom, four-bathroom home on the real estate market for $1.022 million in Phoenix, Arizona, comes with a fun indoor surprise — if you’re a golf enthusiast.

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The residence comes with its very own 9-hole putting green set up in the 4,044-square foot house. And to top it off, the place overlooks the 10th hole on the fairway of the Arizona Grand Resort.

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Of course, there are other highlights, according to the listing on, including:

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The home snagged the eye of Zillow Gone Wild, a popular Facebook real estate page, with commenters split on whether an indoor putting green is a good idea — especially for golfers with a strong backhand release.

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“Why put windows on your indoor course? Seems like an expensive idea,” one person pointed out.

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“So they live on a golf course with a golf course inside?” another asked. “Got it.”

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“This is the only acceptable golf course,” someone said. “You don’t need to waste water on the greens, and you won’t get a sunburn.”

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“It’s a home in AZ and I’ve counted three fireplaces,” one person commented. “That seems appropriate for someone that wants to feel the fire year-round.”

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“Interior putting green, modern family room — and the most 1995 kitchen ever,” someone joked. “It’s like a photo documentary: ‘when the dating started, why the marriage ended, and the aftermath furnishings…’”

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“Well lookie there!! You can golf in the comfort of your own home and with AC,” one person said.

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“The bathroom with the fireplace is what gets me, really,” another pointed out. “Like anyone in Phoenix would ever need that level of warmth. They live ON the sun.”

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“That looks like a giant airport pet relief area,” someone joked.

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“This feels like a man who won the house in the divorce and then did what he wanted once she moved out,” one person said.

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“Tell me you got the house in the divorce without telling me you got the house in the divorce,” another commented.

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“Welcome folks to the over 40 and divorced side of Zillow,” someone said.

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