Historic house lists for $75k in Texas, but there’s a reason

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In its heyday, the property known as the historic Bartlett House in Malakoff, Texas, was an architectural beauty where people would dance the night away on the rooftop, the listing on Realtor.com says.

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But these days, the once-elegant three-bedroom, one-bathroom property looks as run down on the outside as it does on the inside.

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It will take someone with a knack for restoring old houses to turn the home around. The good news? It’s only $75,000.

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The 4,561-square-foot brick, concrete and steel home was once the home of the Acme brick plant owner, the listing says.

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The interior of the home looks like it hasn’t been touched for decades, however, the exterior was open to the public in 2013 when a “Sunken Gardens” tour was held for a short time, according to Henderson County Now.

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“As part of the celebration of the resurrection of the Sunken Gardens well-known in the 1930s and 40s for their beauty, several of the best East Texas artists who were selected to be in the book published for the tour will be showing in the heritage gardens surrounding the Bartlett House,” Henderson County Now said.

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It appears that the garden has since overgrown as weeds, moss and ivy cover some the home’s brightest features, including a melancholy statue of a weeping angel with her head resting on her arms.

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Inside, paint chips appear to have rained down from the walls and onto the dirt-covered flooring, giving the home a haunted feeling.

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The house is currently under contract, and showings are no longer accepted.

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Malakoff is about 73 miles southeast of Dallas.

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