June 20, 2024


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4 Tips For Selling Your Home Faster


Just because you’re putting your home on the market doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is going to take the bait. In other words, putting your home up for sale is only half the battle.  There are certain tips and tricks that you should know in order to make sure your home goes quickly. To encourage a speedy sale, here are some of the best tips for selling your home faster once it’s listed.

Invest in Marketing

If you plan on selling your home yourself without the help of a real estate agent, then you’ll need to make sure that your home is getting enough visibility. The way that you do this is by investing in marketing. Whether you print brochures, post online, or put signs up, the idea is to get the word out about your home going on the market.


Consider an Agent

Although it’s entirely possible to sell your home yourself, it’s not the easiest task to take on alone. There’s a lot that goes into selling a home, and a lot of paperwork once you find a buyer. It can be incredibly time-consuming for someone who has a full-time job, and a family to look after.

A real estate agent can handle all of it for you so that you can focus on your daily to-do’s, while they take care of the sale. Even though you will be required to pay a commission fee, many people find that it’s well worth it compared to the amount of stress they would have experienced should they have done it themselves.

Declutter and Clean

Once you start showing your home, you need to make sure that it’s in immaculate condition. When people walk into your home you want them to imagine themselves living in it. That means it needs to be a clean slate without clutter or dirt.

If you don’t have the time to do a deep clean yourself, then you should hire a company that will do it for you. There’s nothing that will slow down the sale of your homes like dirt and clutter. So make cleanliness a priority as soon as possible.


One important step that many first-time sellers make is forgetting to depersonalize in addition to decluttering. Depersonalizing means getting rid of everything that shows you live there— from family photos to your children’s toys. The idea is to replace personalized items with more neutral-looking ones so that people don’t feel like they’re walking into somebody else’s house when they walk in. Remember, the idea is to create the illusion that a potential buyer is walking into their home for the very first time.

For this reason, many people selling their homes choose to hire a staging expert who can help them create a neutral look and feel potentially interested buyers.