May 23, 2024


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We Knew These 6 Interior Design Trends Would Dominate in 2021

How we costume utilized to be the go-to kind of self-expression. In a day and age the place we see other people a little bit significantly less and the within of our personalized dwellings a little bit far more, this pattern has without doubt produced its way into the dwelling as effectively. Not only can interiors categorical identity, they can also outline your working day and mood—perhaps even a lot more so than an outfit can.

Forward of the commence of this 12 months, we manufactured a handful of pattern predictions for 2021. Following the numerous perils and darkness of 2020, it was to be predicted that persons desired their households to be a location of shade and fun. From wiggly and playful patterns to colourful shapes reflective of the postmodernist era, joy was the title of the game. Time and all over again, this craze proved to stick. Even the modern black kitchen that we believed would prevail seemed to give way to a new, shade-accented version. (Nevertheless it appears the black kitchen area may possibly quickly be overtaken by the black lavatory, the moody house of the minute.) In this article are six interior structure developments that proved to be just as well known this year as we envisioned.

Susan Alexandra’s sunny awning exudes joy onto Orchard Avenue. 


This calendar year has demonstrated us the multitude of meanings joy usually takes on in the entire world of layout. When it arrived to retail, we saw Susan Alexandra’s unapologetically cheerful flagship retail store tiled to the brim with poppy colors and fitted with retro glass blocks. Glossier, on the other hand, exuded pleasure in its new Melrose Avenue outpost by way of a stylish monochrome house adorned head-to-toe in a signature pastel pink. Residences also brought the joy indoors, no matter whether it was masterfully confined to the dimensions of a tightly packed kitchen, or distribute during the London town dwelling of quirky designer and knickknack collector extraordinaire Coco Fennell.

Squiggles and wiggles

When it comes to this craze, we would be remiss not to mention the iconic Ultra Fregola mirror—perhaps the O.G. segue into the wiggle period. Extensive just before the motif located its way to the innumerable tables, trimmings, and chairs we see these days, it was captured time and time yet again in the variety of the luminous mirror by Ettore Sottsass that graces the residences of plenty of supermodels and superstars. Either way, the development is right here to keep. And for fantastic reason—it’s the best element to include a playful contact to just about any place or piece of furniture—such as alongside the tailor made-created headboard of a single artist duo’s bed. Firms such as Wiggle Room devote their whole brand name to mastering the wiggle as it carries on to increase in popularity.


This is a lengthy overdue development that will hardly ever go out of design and style. Considering the fact that 2020 shed light-weight on some of the harrowing operate circumstances generated by a especially complicated time, customers want to know the story powering their items. This indicates a concentration not only on moral and environmentally aware products, but the manufacturers driving them, championing numerous businesses and BIPOC-owned companies. In the globe of bedding, bamboo and hemp sheets have develop into all the rage, providing a sustainable and comfortable different to the standard cotton.