June 14, 2024


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Ways to Protect Your Boat From Salt Water Corrosion

Sailing in clear ocean waters is an enjoyable experience. However, saltwater corrosion can be a major headache for boat owners. Here are some ways to protect your boat from saltwater corrosion:

Thoroughly Clean Your Boat After Each Trip

It’s crucial to keep your boat free of saltwater and clean. To protect your vessel against corrosion, you must remove any seawater traces. Start by thoroughly rinsing the vessel with fresh water, paying special attention to any metal components. Wash your boat from the bow to the stern with soap and warm water. Use a bristled scrub brush to remove all salt and repeat the process to ensure all soap has been removed. Don’t forget to wash the trailer if you have one to make sure it’s free of saltwater.

Flush Your Engine

Flushing your engine with clean water is an easy and effective way to prevent saltwater corrosion. You should do this every time your boat leaves an ocean to remove the salt water from your engine and prevent corrosion.

Grease Moving Parts

All exposed metal surfaces, including small parts, require a generous coating of marine grease. This lubricant will keep your boat moving and protect it from corrosion and rust. Apply marine grease to metal moving parts such as hinges, latches, and bow rollers. Check your owner’s guide to ensure you don’t miss any metal parts.

Use Salt-Friendly Paint

When you have a vessel that is used in saltwater, it’s important to use anti-fouling, salt-friendly paint. This paint creates a barrier that prevents corrosion and weakening of the metal. Remember that no paint can withstand saltwater, so you must wash and scrub the vessel after saltwater trips.
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