May 21, 2024


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vitas crafts a dwelling in argentina from clustered, stone volumes

a fashionable relic


in celebration of the stone damage, argentina-based studio nanzer | vitas builds its casa DP in córdoba. the group notes, ‘all architecture carries implicitly its vocation of ruin,’ recognizing that these types of a problem is architecture’s last type when it eventually returns to mother nature. the staff styles the residence to echo the physical expression of the unfinished, what time and inclemency transforms, and the approaches in which the crafted area slowly dissolves into the landscape.

casa DP nanzer vitas
illustrations or photos by gonzalo viramonte | @gonzaloviramonte



a medieval streetscape by nanzer | vitas


designed of concrete and stone, nanzer | vitas (see more)  types its casa DP to propose a all-natural landform emerging from the hill. the clustered volumes of diverse heights and sloping roofs are articulated by strategic voids, patios, passages and interstices, which on the outdoors give area and preserve the species from the area forest. in the meantime toward the inside, the clustered sorts resemble a medieval streetscape.


the most important circulation route connects the exterior immediately to the coronary heart of the home. it usually takes shape as a perfectly horizontal concrete quantity — with the land sloping downward and away, this circulation box turns into a suspended beam, terminating in a photo window that frames the sky. the architects remark: ‘each and every time anyone enters or leaves the home executes involuntarily the archaic gesture of searching at the firmament, the vertical infinity that offers us back the specific scale of our getting to be in relation to the universe.’

casa DP nanzer vitas



the firm of casa dp


the circulation quantity bridges the uneven topography and articulates all the spaces of the residence. occupants will pass via this area to obtain any issue of the household. for this explanation, it requires a central job in the undertaking, supplying continuity to the exterior landscape from inside the property through perforations that lead to internal or external gardens, producing a transition environment between the outdoors and the domestic environments.


a ‘main passage’ that hyperlinks, orders and potential customers to the relaxation of rooms, horizontally and vertically considering that it is linked to the key staircase in its intermediate rest — a typological perseverance that leaves both the upstairs rooms and the floor flooring rooms with their individual companies, normally equidistant and at a 50 % level from the most important conference space, which is established all around the kitchen area and a hearth.

casa DP nanzer vitas nanzer | vitas echoes a ruinous fortress in argentina with its stone-clad casa DP nanzer | vitas echoes a ruinous fortress in argentina with its stone-clad casa DP