June 4, 2023


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Vastu Tips: Keeping mirrors in THESE places will remove the defects of your house

Vastu Tips: Keeping mirrors in THESE places will remove the defects of your house
Picture Supply : FREEPIK Vastu Recommendations: Maintaining mirrors in THESE sites will get rid of the flaws of your home


  • All the things has its individual relevance in Vastu Shastra
  • It is very significant that the Vastu defects of your home should really be removed
  • Know how mirrors can enable you in eliminating the flaws

Vastu Shastra: Currently in Vastu Shastra, know from Acharya Indu Prakash that by putting a mirror at several destinations of the residence, Vastu defects stop. Also, know what size mirror is thought of auspicious at which location.

All the things has its very own worth in Vastu Shastra. There is also the unique importance of trying to keep every thing in its suitable spot. But we generally fail to remember these points and do not put items in their appropriate location. By doing this, quarrels and irritability continue being in the properties. That is why it is very crucial that the Vastu flaws of your home should be eradicated as shortly as possible.

Permit us explain to you that people like to have mirrors in their houses. By positioning mirrors of distinct measurements and in various sections of the house, its natural beauty also will increase. But have you at any time questioned what is the suitable place and size to lastly set the mirror? If there is a lavatory or toilet in the basement or southwest corner of your home, that is, in the southwest direction, then you must put a square-shaped mirror on the wall of the east course. By undertaking this the Vastu flaws of your household will be eradicated shortly.

If any section of your home is of strange form or dim, then by placing a mirror, ie mirror, in the lower or enlarged portion, you can harmony the power. Apart from this, if there are any electrical poles, tall structures, unwanted trees or sharp protrusions on the earth outside the house your home, then you can diagnose them by positioning a paqua mirror on the main doorway of the home. The paqua mirror is in an octagonal wood body. On which workmanship produced from the thread is also located. This body is generally pink, environmentally friendly, yellow and gold.