May 21, 2024


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Types of Undercounter Refrigerators

Under Counter Fridge - How Can It Increase the Efficiency in the Kitchen -  Written lines for All

Knowing the types of undercounter fridges will help you make a good decision when you want to purchase one. There is nothing more frustrating than making a bad purchase. For instance, you may want to buy a wine cooler freezer but mistakenly buy something different because you have not much knowledge about types of fridges.

Therefore this article will tell you about the different types of undercounter fridges, and other vital information.

What is an undercounter refrigerator?

An undercounter refrigerator is fashioned into the counter to fit in perfectly and align with the walls. Thus, this makes it fixed and can’t be placed anywhere else. It is used to store a vast range of items from drinks to perishables. A popular choice is the Siemens undercounter fridge.

Types of Undercounter refrigerators

There are four types of undercounter refrigerators. They are given below:

Undercounter beverage refrigerator

First on our list is an undercounter beverage refrigerator. The main purpose of this type of undercounter refrigerator is to keep your drinks cool. This type of undercounter refrigerator is usually small and can easily be found in places like bars and eateries. They are known for their energy efficiency, which can reduce electricity consumption.

Given that it is quite small compared to others, it can be suitable or not depending on some factors. If you don’t have enough space, this fridge is great. But if you have many people in the house, this kind of refrigerator doesn’t have much space to hold enough items.

Another issue is price. Undercounter beverage refrigerators are quite expensive. Thus, if you don’t have much to spend, you may consider a cheaper alternative.

Commercial undercounter refrigerator

This type of undercounter refrigerator is bigger and has enough storage capacity. It is great to store large quantities of food items, especially perishables. Thus, they are commonly used in cafes, eateries, hotels, and other commercial ventures.

One of the strengths of Commercial undercounter refrigerators is that their energy efficiency is greater than other types of commercial fridges and is ideal for commercial purposes. However, they can be quite pricey.

Undercounter refrigerator drawer

This type of refrigerator is in the form of a drawer which you only need to pull out beneath the counter. One advantage of the Undercounter refrigerator drawer is that it consumes little space. But it is low in storage space compared to its counterparts.

Undercounter refrigerator-freezer

The undercounter refrigerator-freezer is another beneath-the-counter appliance. It comes with a freezer and a fridge. However, it is not as big as other refrigerators, making it suitable for kitchens where space is premium. Its disadvantages include inadequate storage capacity and it is slow cooling.

Therefore, this undercounter fridge is not ideal for those who want their items to get chilled quickly.

Last Words

Undercounter refrigerators are great for small spaces. If your kitchen is small or occupied by other items, an undercounter fridge may slot in nicely. With the types of undercounter refrigerators given above, you will know what type is suitable for you.