June 14, 2024


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Toilet is in odd place inside Pennsylvania house for sale

A home that’s on the real estate market in Newtown, Pennsylvania, for $420,000 is gathering a lot of attention thanks to a peculiarly placed toilet.

Kitchen Screen grab from Zillow/MLS

The house is a three-bedroom, two-bathroom ranch that’s said to have “great bones,” according to the listing on Zillow.com. While the 1,579-square-foot home has features including a large workshop, extra large detached garage and walk-up attics, the listing fails to explain why there is a toilet in the middle of a staircase.

Interior Screen grab from Zillow/MLS

Yes, you read that right.

Interior Screen grab from Zillow/MLS

The photo shows the commode right on a stair, and it’s possible that it’s functional.

Interior Screen grab from Zillow/MLS

The random stair john stole the spotlight on the popular real estate Facebook page Zillow Gone Wild, as confused folks gathered to wonder what on earth is going on with this odd placement.

Interior Screen grab from Zillow/MLS

“I have an inquiring mind … there’s got to be a backstory here?” one person asked.

Interior Screen grab from Zillow/MLS

“Raising six kids with one bathroom, I often used to joke that I wish I could just park a second toilet in a closet somewhere,” someone said. “I did not mean like this.”

Interior Screen grab from Zillow/MLS

“This house needs to pick a struggle,” another commented. “(And) the throne on the stairs is appropriate — I can imagine myself saying ‘CRAP’ every time I look at that carpet.”

Interior Screen grab from Zillow/MLS

“I can think of no better place for a toilet than on carpeted stairs,” one person joked.

“I looked at a house with a toilet installed in the entryway coat closet,” another said. “At least that afforded some privacy but it lacked light.”

Exterior Screen grab from Zillow/MLS

“Could it just be that they were replacing the toilet and got tired of carrying it and set it down, right as the realtors photographer showed up,” one person commented. “I’m going with that story. I won’t be able to sleep at night thinking there are people out there just randomly installing a toilet wherever it fits.”

“Being sold ‘as is,’” another said. “No, Susan, take your stair toilet with you.”

Interior Screen grab from Zillow/MLS

“Ya’ll might laugh, but I’m 50 now,” one person observed. “A toilet landing makes total sense to me.”

Newtown is about 31 miles northeast of Philadelphia.

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