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Some Chic Gifts For the Adult Weed Aficionado That Don’t Evoke a Headshop

Some Chic Gifts For the Adult Weed Aficionado That Don’t Evoke a Headshop

We are past the point where enjoying a small nibble of marijuana, be it eating an edible calibrated for a gentle ride or passing the Dutchy on the left hand side, is no longer as taboo as it once was. Weed is legal in 21 states, and if you happen to live in a state where it has been for a while, stopping at a dispensary on the way home from Whole Foods is as mundane a task as, say, going to the wine store to fetch a nice Malbec to go with the rump roast.

But even though weed is no longer strictly the purview of head shops that smell like skunk and armpits, many of the attendant accessories still have that vibe. What’s a responsible adult who loves marijuana and good design to do?

If there’s a special someone in your life who simply loves weed but hates bongs that look like PVC pipe, consider some fashionable and chic alternatives, perfect for the discerning weed adult who just wants to get stoned and watch their stories in peace.

Nothing says “I’m grown and this weed is good, okay!” like a bong that doubles as art. 

Paul Arnhold x Edie Parker Bong

We’re crushing on these hand blown glass bongs exclusively made in collaboration with NYC artist Paul Arnhold.

Your sister-in-law can use this bong as a bud vase (ha ha, get it) when it’s not being used for its intended purpose. 

An ashtray with utilitarian curves.

Houseplant Green Curvy Set

A swervey, curvy tray and ashtray. High-grade concrete and mineral pigments.

Seth Rogen, America’s favorite pothead that isn’t Willie Nelson, is the genius behind Houseplant, and this ashtray and tray set looks like a treasure you’d find at a store near Big Sur that sells middling coastal art. In short, it’s perfection. 

A conversation piece, to say the least. 

Blitzkriega Mini Balloon Dog

Made by the balloon dog king himself, this Blitzkriega Balloon Dog (TM?) is one of a kind. Made for collectors of American made glass. It is perfect in every way- it’s the exact proportions of a balloon dog and the construction really emulates a real balloon dog.

No, this is not Jeff Koons, yes, it looks like it, and frankly, it’s better….

Yeah, it’s an ashtray, but it’s also art!

Houseplant Standing Ashtray

Seems like something a cool uncle might have had.  Great for people who like sitting! Made of glass, solid brushed brass, walnut wood.

They don’t have to throw away their Miami Beach souvenir ashtray that they got at the airport, but they can supplement it with this elegant solution. 

Nag champa who?

Veil Odor Eliminator Spray

The Veil OG odor eliminator spray is specially formulated for quick smoke smell removal, filling the space with a natural sweet scent instead. We’ve worked with chemists with over 30 years of experience to produce a non-toxic, effective, and eco-friendly smoke odor eliminator spray that’s…

Incense sort of enhances the smell of weed as it lingers in the air, but this spray does an incredible job of actually eliminating it. (Trust us.)

Well, this won’t pass as a vase, but….

Summerland The Land Yacht

When The Land Yacht cruises into town, people take notice. With sculptural lines and a roomy double chamber, the largest ceramic bong in Summerland’s collection not only holds more smoke, it looks great doing it. Sail straight into the high life on The Land Yacht, you deserve it.  …

Yeah, it looks like a bong, but it’s a fetching shade of Yves Klein blue and doesn’t have an alien on it, so it’s a safe bet!

A grinder that you can leave out on the coffee table, if you want.

Laundry Day Cube Grinder

ube Grinder is a sculptural aluminum four-piece grinder that yields an optimal consistency for packing your Laundry Day Pipe.

Perfect for the discerning pothead who appreciates Richard Serra and an expertly-ground sativa. 

It’s another ashtray!! But multi-purpose.

Concrete Cat x Octavio Pico Incense Bowl and Ashtray

An artisan ashtray in ancient oracle pattern.   Three-dimensional sculptures, handmade by Concrete Cat, are thought-provoking expressions of shape, color and texture. Intended for use, each exquisite finish ages with depth and character.

Plop an incense cone in this beautiful object, or use it for spare change and the joint you intend on smoking after the kids have gone to sleep. 

Pretty enough not to use for its intended purpose.

Sticky Glass x EP Gum Ashtray

Chew on this! Mouth-watering wads of color create a clever resting spot for your joints.

Listen, most ashtrays are just fancy catchalls for chapstick, and a travel-size Advil packet from the corner store, and this is no different—it’s just much, much nicer. 

No one will know there’s weed in this. 

CB2 Chelsea Cement Box

Vertical and horizontal lines cement a graphic design in this white decorative box. Finished with a thin brass-colored band on the lid. Keeps knick knacks under cover. CB2 exclusive.

The perfect vessel for their dank bud, but inconspicuous enough to sit in amongst family photos and keepsakes on the shelves in the living room. 

Some people might know there’s weed in this, though. 

Hay Glass Container

Glass Container is a multifunctional container with both decorative and functional qualities. Crafted in borosilicate glass with a contrasting lid, it can be used for display or storage in most rooms in the house.

No need to be shy!

Like a fidget spinner for grown-ups.

Karimoku New Standard Chuckle

By tipping on the rim of this bowl it starts to rock slightly. In this way, you can easily find and take out the small items stored inside, such as coins, paper clips, and keys.

This little trinket is like if a Weeble Wobble went to art school.

Something cozy for TV time.

Bearaby Cotton Napper

A cool and cozy, highly breathable knitted weighted blanket made heavy with nothing but layer upon layer of natural, organic cotton.

Weighted blankets are great for anxiety and even better for relaxing on the sofa in a pleasant haze, watching old seasons of America’s Next Top Model. 

A perfect addition to the table in their foyer that holds mail, the dog’s leash, and at least $10 in loose change.

Ouid Rolling Tray

Our tray was designed to look as good holding your weed as it does resting on top of your favorite book or beside your best smelling candles.

Use it as a tray for appetizers in a pinch.

They can throw away their Bics.

Tetra Slide Lighter

Sleek, colorful and convenient, Tetra’s rechargeable, fuel-free lighter is a cool combination of modern design and traditional tech. A USB charger prepares the heated inner coil, no flame necessary.   Simply slide with upward motion to safely light a rolled smoke.

If Margot Tennenbaum were Gen Z, she’d use this lighter, which is a respectable alternative to a battered gas station Bic with the safety removed.

Don’t try to hide what they’re doing—enhance it, instead!!

Boy Smells Kush Magnum

Green, bright, and intoxicating, Kush is Boy Smells’ most iconic cult-classic scent. Wisps of delicate florals mingle with pot flowers and brushed suede, while notes of sage and eucalyptus combine to create a much larger herbal bouquet. Amber and musk ground this scent in its signature dankness.

This candle smells nothing like weed, which is, frankly, a bit of a relief.

A picture book for grown-ups.

Hayao Miyazaki

For over four decades, Hayao Miyazaki has been enchanting audiences of all ages.  This book is published on the occasion of the 2021 inaugural exhibition at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles, in collaboration with Studio Ghibli in Tokyo.

Miyazaki movies are works of art; if they lack the patience for watching an actual movie, this book is the next best thing. 

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