June 14, 2024


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Plump and Reassuring: “Functional Yet Sculptural” Homewares by Faye Toogood

all pieces in the collection are available in two standard matte glazes: cream  9

Heading into the holidays, we’re admiring Faye Toogood’s first dedicated homeware collection. Two years in the making, the new range is split between two capsules—Dough (mugs, jugs, and bowls) and Plough (two geometric throws)—and is expected to grow over the months and years ahead.

“The inspiration first came whilst I was exploring common items from the kitchen, such as the soft volumes of rising dough and hand-shaped leavened pastries,” explains Faye. “Being able to translate those experiences and forms into functional yet sculptural pieces has been thrilling and represents an important moment for the studio as we begin to bring our design pieces to new audiences, with no compromise on quality.”

all pieces in the collection are available in two standard matte glazes: cream  9
Above: All pieces in the collection are available in two standard matte glazes: cream or charcoal. Each piece is individually finished, with the curves softened and the glaze applied by hand by artisans in Portugal.

the dough ceramics pitcher (£90). 10
Above: The Dough Ceramics Pitcher (£90).

The Dough collection of ceramics is inspired by Faye’s Roly-Poly chair: “smooth, rounded, voluptuous.” Work began with the jug. (“I don’t know if it’s a female affliction, but I have so many jugs,” she admits.) The result is a plump form with a “full bulging tummy” and an oversized handle that “feels very reassuring, comforting.”

the dough ceramics mug (£76 for a pair). 11
Above: The Dough Ceramics Mug (£76 for a pair).

Next came the mug. “I think we’ve probably made about 15 versions of the Dough mug, sending them home with friends and family and putting them through many a teatime test,” said Faye. “A mug is a mug, so like a wheel, it’s quite hard to reinvent the shape. It works for a reason. But I wanted to take that simple ritual of having a cup of tea and give the details as much attention and love as they deserve, hoping to acknowledge and celebrate those quiet, mundane moments we all have in a day.”

the collection is inspired by &#8\2\20;the soft volumes of rising dough and 12
Above: The collection is inspired by “the soft volumes of rising dough and hand-shaped leavened pastries.”

“There’s no need for decoration,” Faye explains. “It’s all about the shape and feel of the objects. The ceramic we have used has a glaze with a soft sheen and looks as if it has just been painted. Nothing overly shiny. Quite honest and primitive.”

a stack of dough ceramics in charcoal, balanced on toogood&#8\2\17;s spade  13
Above: A stack of Dough ceramics in charcoal, balanced on Toogood’s Spade chair.

The florist Constance Spry inspired the understated glaze: “Constance Spry would make vases out of clay and plaster, and I think sometimes even papier-mâché just to get the shape. I was very inspired by these vases with their simple paint finish, and I wanted the Toogood ceramics to have a similar feeling, like sculpture. Vases are often left without flowers, and so they need to work as soloists on your shelf or mantlepiece.”

the centrepiece (£\180). 14
Above: The Centrepiece (£180).

The range also includes a vase and a centerpiece. These are distinguished by a reactive glaze treatment that transitions between silky matte and shiny gloss in a single piece.

the merino wool plough throws (£450) &#8\2\20;feature stripes that are 15
Above: The merino wool Plough Throws (£450) “feature stripes that are reminiscent of freshly ploughed country fields.”

With Dough comes Plough: two handwoven, decorative throws comprised of broken-down pinstripes in understated geometric arrangements. The throws combine the luxurious feel of traditional craftsmanship with an abstract, contemporary design. Rather than weaving a motif on the loom, the plough stripes are added later, wedging contrasting woolen threads into the weave.

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