July 23, 2024


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Nordic house in the mountains explores economic green

Forma Architecture’s Rocky Mountain House #1 is a 2,045 square-foot Nordic style house located in Colorado. With four bedrooms and three and a half baths, it achieves net zero while exploring new ways of living. What could be better for the mountain setting? There is a creek and bird sanctuary running across the secluded property.

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A black wooden house in the midst of a frosty hill

Rocky Mountain House #1 explores ways to live in smaller spaces through economic sustainability. The house has an independent connected rental unit. This helps the owners finance the unit or expand with a larger family in the future. All interior spaces are paneled in warm wood. However, they are open to surrounding spaces. With its tall and narrow structure, it gives the illusion of a larger home and makes the most of headroom.

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Interior wood living room has a desk facing a window with two chairs

Furthermore, a loft with balconies sits over the main living area. An open kitchen with an angled wall catches the light. The house was designed to achieve a net-zero standard. This includes continuous exterior insulation around the whole envelope of the house, thermal mass radiant floor made from four inches of concrete and electric water heat pump for the hot water.

A wooden house structure sits on a grass landscape

Moreover, there is an EV charger in the garage. The garage has big overhangs to the northwest to protect the windows from direct sunlight. There is also a general sense that every space and material is used in the best way to make the most of a smaller amount of materials.

The side of the wooden house

The Rocky Mountain House is already a building of the year nominee by ArchDaily for 2022.

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Photography by Dylan Brown