June 20, 2024


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Mistakes That Make It Harder to Sell Your Home


Selling real estate is a complex process that requires a lot of your attention and time. Ultimately, it is worth understanding that all efforts aim to sell your house quickly and for a fair price. Not all sellers know that some of their non-obvious mistakes significantly reduce offers from buyers. Find out what not to do if you want to sell your home for the best possible price.

10 Common Seller Mistakes

Avoiding these mistakes will allow you to make the sale of your home easier and not delay the process. Some points may seem insignificant, but often these things scare away potential buyers.

1. Ignoring Minor Repairs

You might be used to a creaking door, a stain on a wall, or a dripping bathroom faucet. However, buyers will certainly pay attention to these little things. They may be wondered why you didn’t take the time to fix such simple problems, and they will think that there are more serious defects in the house. Have a friend or agent walk through each room with you to make a list of things that need to be fixed or updated.

2. Overhaul Planning

The other extreme is a major renovation. Starting with one significant improvement, you can keep renovating the whole house, as the interior will not seem as fresh. This can lead to overspending. In this case, it is also the best solution to choose places that require mandatory repairs. Look around the house, and note the priority points before Sell Your Home.

Pay attention to the following common problems:

  • A leaky roof needs to be repaired, as it has many associated problems: stains on the ceiling and walls, mold, bad smell, problems with electrical wiring, damp ceiling beams, and so on.
  • Old and dirty carpets should be cleaned or replaced with new ones. They also should be thrown out in the bathroom.
  • Wooden floors attract buyers, so think about where to upgrade and repair them.

3. Lots of Personal Items

The buyers will be able to imagine their life in your home better if you put away their personal belongings. Pack family photos, kids’ crafts, diplomas, religious symbols, and souvenirs ahead of time. So that the interior does not seem lifeless and boring, you can leave beautiful decor elements like paintings and vases.

4. Clutter

You definitely know that you need to remove dirty dishes and garbage before the showing. However, not all sellers understand how important it is to free up space as much as possible. Wholly cluttered shelves and countertops can make others think that there is not enough storage space in the house. Experts recommend removing 50% of your belongings and do not create room for trash.

You may need to store some items in a warehouse or a friend’s house before selling your home. Also, consider whether the placement of furniture will allow potential buyers to move freely around the room. Remember to clean all rooms thoroughly before showing them to buyers.

5. Extravagant Design Solutions

Interior design can tell a lot about homeowners and their preferences. You might like sparkly curtains, red bedroom walls, and leopard print sofas. However, non-standard and even extravagant solutions are not suitable for everyone. Your home is a commodity; therefore, it should have a more classic design to sell it faster. If you just repaint the walls in soothing neutral shades, it will increase the offers from buyers. More people will be able to present their furniture against the backdrop of a neutral renovation.


6. Wrong First Impression

Many sellers carefully prepare the house’s interior, forgetting about the yard. But the exterior is the first thing a potential buyer sees. To create a good first impression of your home, don’t forget to paint the fence and front door, remove weeds, and cut the grass and bushes.

7. Savings on Commissions

Many homeowners decide to sell their houses without the help of an agent. The decision is yours, but a professional will quickly appraise, advertise, and sell your home. In addition, the realtor knows everything about the preparation of the necessary documents and can give good advice. The percentage of successful sales without the help of an agent is quite small.

8. Presence at Showings

You think you are the best person to tell about the benefits of living in your home. Perhaps, this is true, but the homeowner’s presence during the showing is not the best solution. Trust this to your real estate agent. So buyers can feel more comfortable and freely discuss all the details.

9. Animals in The House

For you, your cat or dog is part of the family. But it is not at all necessary that potential buyers will like pets. Some may be afraid of them, and many people are allergic to animals. Therefore, during the showings, try to take the pets out of the house, and put away their bowls and toys. Vacuum floors and furniture as often as possible to remove fur. Ventilate rooms daily and install aroma diffusers to remove animal odors, if present.

10. Listing a House For a Price Above The Market

Some people put too high a price on their house in the hope that it will drop to the actual price after the negotiations. This doesn’t make sense since buyers are well aware of similar home prices. Few people will be interested in your offer, so the sale can be delayed for many months. Even if you lower the price, potential buyers will think that something is wrong with the house since no one has bought it, although a lot of time has passed.

Think of Your Home as a Commodity

Do not make these mistakes, and your chances of a successful home sale will increase significantly. You can also hire professionals to organize, clean, and repair the rooms, increasing the value of your offer in the market.