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KOIOS TVS-2150 Vacuum Sealer Review 2022

KOIOS TVS-2150 Vacuum Sealer Review 2022

KOIOS TVS-2150 Vacuum Sealer Review

If you wonder why you should invest in a vacuum sealer instead of buying food items in small quantities as and when you need them? Purchasing food in small amounts works out to be expensive in the long run. The cost of packaging the food is factored in the price each time you buy it, making it costlier. It is also tricky to ethically dispose of the waste generated from packing material. Making a bulk purchase is always an economical option. Wondering how and where you will store all the bulk purchase and that it may eventually end up in the trash due to being stale? When food is stored in sealed bags after being vacuum-sealed, they take up much less space in the freezer/refrigerator.

KOIOS TVS-2150 Vacuum Sealer helps keep food fresh up to five times longer, thus effectively prolonging the shelf life of the food. So whether you have bulk purchased food items or want to seal a big batch of something you have cooked, KOIOS TVS-2150 is ready to take on the sealing job as it delivers top-notch performance with up to 120 pounds or 40 consecutive seals.

The sealing strip on this vacuum sealer is extra wide to create an airtight seal. KOIOS TVS-2150 Vacuum Sealer has integrated sealer bag roll storage and a cutter to make custom size bags. Despite having storage for the sealer bag roll, the appliance does not appear bulky. The compact and sleek design takes up very little space.

This vacuum sealer features a lock latch closure. This ensures the sealer bag is secured correctly before the sealing process begins. KOIOS TVS-2150is equipped with a drip tray, which collects the liquid and powder content while sealing. This helps keep the appliance clean and extends its life. You can easily clean the drip tray with warm water and a bar of anti-bacterial soap.

KOIOS TVS-2150 features two sealing modes – dry and moist. Use the dry sealing mode when you want to seal solid food. The moist sealing mode must be used when packing items that have liquid content. (Not applicable when sealing sauces, soups, and purees.) If you are reusing a washable sealer bag and think there may still be moisture content inside the bag, use the moist sealing mode as this mode adjusts the heat level of the heater bar, ensuring you get an airtight seal.

This appliance is an excellent tool for preserving perishable food items. KOIOS TVS-2150 comes with replacement seal cotton. The kit also includes five pre-cut small vacuum sealer bags and five pre-cut large vacuum sealer bags. A pumping pipe is also a part of the kit. The pumping pipe is compatible with canisters and zipper bags. In addition, its addition, you can use it for vacuum-sealing wine stoppers.

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  • Heavy-duty performance. Delivers 40 consecutive seals
  • Keeps food fresh with an airtight seal
  • Built-in sealer bag roll holder and cutter
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Features a removable drip tray that helps keep the appliance clean


  • • Online reviewers claimed they did not receive vacuum sealer bags that are included in the kit when the shipment arrived


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