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How to Safely Clean Interior and Exterior Brick

Brick is long lasting, but it’s not immune to collecting filth, dust, and stains—meaning, of course, you have to cleanse it! Equally interior and exterior bricks require to be taken care of, but they won’t be able to just be washed making use of the exact technique (functioning a force washer inside of your house wouldn’t be suitable!). No matter if you might be wanting to make your indoor brick accent wall seem brand new or want to freshen up your home’s exterior brick partitions, we have you protected. Comply with the methods ahead and your brick will sparkle in no time.



  • Vacuum or broom
  • Spray bottle of water
  • Grout sponge
  • Dish cleaning soap
  • Nylon-bristle brush


    • Strain washer
    • Detergent
    • Grout sponge
    • Bleach
    • Nylon-bristle brush
    • Rubber gloves
    • Goggles

      How to Clear Inside Brick:

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      1. Take out any floor dust and dirt applying a vacuum or broom.
      2. Moist the brick applying a spray bottle crammed with h2o.
      3. Apply a cleaner of your choice dependent on how dirty the brick is.
      4. For a mild method, clean up the brick with heat water and a little bit of dish soap applying a grout sponge.
      5. If desired, use a nylon-bristle brush to scrub off dirt.
      6. Give the brick a ultimate warm h2o rinse making use of a cleanse sponge and allow dry.
        1. How to Clean up Exterior Brick:

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          1. Use a pressure washer to clean solid outdoor brick. Notice: Some older brick can’t be strain washed. Consider finding a professional view if you have an aged or historic property.
          2. Ahead of force washing, look for and maintenance any cracks in the brick.
          3. Make sure all windows are sealed and electrical things are protected with water-proof product.
          4. Deal with any close by landscaping, like shrubs and flowers, with a tarp.
          5. Use a small stress (involving 500 and 1000 PSI). Basic safety suggestion: Make positive you use protecting eyeglasses and non-slip sneakers when operating a force washer.
          6. Implement the detergent initial from the major to the base of the wall.
          7. Permit the detergent sit for a few minutes dependent on the manufacturer’s guidelines.
          8. Making use of a surface area-cleaner attachment or low-pressure nozzle, rinse the wall thoroughly from top to bottom. Stick to the manufacturer’s instructions to identify how significantly the nozzle need to be from the brick when making use of it.
          9. Rinse off any detergent residue on other surfaces, like the driveway or patio, making use of a garden hose.
          10. Spot handle any stains, mildew, or moss on the brick:
          11. To do so, clear away surface grime applying a sponge.
          12. Place on protecting gear, including rubber gloves, goggles, and even a respirator.
          13. Combine 1 tablespoon of chlorine bleach for each gallon of heat h2o.
          14. On moist brick, use a sponge to implement the Do-it-yourself cleaner.
          15. Gently scrub with a brush.
          16. Rinse the brick with heat h2o.
          17. Stand back and give the place a 2nd rinse using a back garden hose spray.

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