July 14, 2024


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How Modular Sofas in a Box Are Changing the Furniture Industry

How Modular Sofas in a Box Are Changing the Furniture Industry

It’s no secret that houses in the UK are often tight on space, or at least the doorways and halls mean that furniture delivery can be a bit of a nightmare, if not impossible. Companies like IKEA and Argos are popular because the flat-packed design has helped many homeowners get the furniture inside their narrow or small spaces! Modular furniture has become a necessity and is one of many reasons modular sofa in a box have exploded in popularity; they make luxury sofas easy to deliver. This is changing the industry, with more companies realising that just selling beautiful sofas is not enough – they have to have a practical and easy delivery and a simple setup. 

Revolutionising Delivery

Have you or someone you know had the misfortune of an undeliverable sofa? Anticipating the big day, the new furniture suite was replaced with crushing disappointment and often requires selecting a completely new sofa or lounge setup due to small entryways and narrow hall. This leads to a lost sale for the company and disgruntled and disappointed customers with no winners in the scenario. The industry needed something new, so the no-nonsense, innovative, and flexible sofa-in-a-box delivery system was born to deliver without hiccups each time.

This innovation has meant many furniture companies reevaluating how they do business. The new boxed delivery method breaks each sofa into modular parts. Then, it packs each piece into separate boxes for easy delivery, meaning the couch can get into any house, regardless of configuration, through any doorway in any home, apartment, or flat. 

Easy Ordering

Most companies that offer this style of modular furniture often also take easy to place online orders. This means not dragging yourself from one furniture store to another – especially in winter – to find a suitable suite. Instead, you can choose from various configurations, styles and colours, all from the comfort of your home. Each step of the process, from ordering to delivery, is made simple. Worried about the fabric quality and feel? A reputable company will also offer fabric swatches so you can get an idea of the sofa before it arrives. 

Quality Couch Crafting

Now you may be thinking, there has to be a catch, right? If a modular sofa is easy to deliver and order, it must be low quality, uncomfortable or hard to put together, right? But with a reputable modular sofa company, there is no difference in sofa quality and longevity. Always research what warranty the company you’re considering offers, along with their sustainability certifications and construction materials. These factors ensure no difference in performance and product lifespan between a sofa-in-a-box and a traditional-style sofa. 


With a quality modular sofa company, there will be no need for tools or multiple people holding bits in place to get your sofa in one piece. It will be hassle-free and ready to sit on immediately after set up and put in place. Of course, no one wants to be fiddling for hours with impossible furniture setups, so always check that the company you are purchasing from offers a functional and easy-setup sofa.

The Industry is Changing

With changes in housing styles and sizes, delivery requirements, and generally, what people are looking for these days, the furniture industry has to change with the times. There is currently a shift in attitudes and perceptions. No longer is modular furnishings considered to be on the lower price end of the quality spectrum; instead, it now extends to luxurious and well-built furniture that makes life more beautiful and convenient without compromise. More companies are embracing this development and creating products to suit the current modular marketplace, and that trend is likely to stay the same for some time. This extends to both home furniture and workplaces and offices, all embracing this new way of furnishing. 

Smart Sofa Has the Ideal In-Box Delivery System

After many years of supplying beautiful but impractical and sometimes undeliverable sofas, Smart Sofa changed tack and created Sofa in a Box. Each piece of furniture they offer is luxurious, elegant and comfortable while guarenteed to get through every doorway. Each item on offer is practical, stylish, and guaranteed to be able to be delivered. Each part in the provided boxes includes quality construction with zero scrimping on building material. Even with modulation, each item is top quality with an extended lifespan backed up by a 25-year warranty. There have been no concessions to be made when ordering a modular Smart Sofa, Sofa in a Box.