March 26, 2023


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How can we trust the sale of public housing will help the Lansing community?

The Lansing Housing Commission’s selection to sell 200+ general public houses for $17 million to an exterior expense business (SK Investments Group dependent in Miami, Florida) will value the Lansing neighborhood an believed $74 million in rental and sale revenue over the subsequent 20 a long time.

Charla Burnett

Charla Burnett

The justification for the sale by the LHC is that they have not been able to manage their present properties, and the sale is essential to continue functions. Nevertheless they also claim that the earnings from the sale is meant to be invested in general public housing improvement, rising the quantity of vouchers requiring much more LHC capacity and servicing.

How can citizens trust them to choose care of all these new assignments and challenge expansion, if they have not been able to manage what belongings they currently have?

According to their web site, SKG was established by Amnon Zakay and Yanir Hadan, Israeli citizens, in the title of Figtree Holdings LLC in 2009 as a “U.S. Actual Estate Investments system for concentrating on and seizing the industry option adhering to the subprime sector collapse.” The company is forthright in its objective to exploit frequent, everyday American’s decline throughout the 2008 disaster.

As a outcome, I consider the earnings will probable be invested in international interests.

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It’s really tough to come across any profit this sale would have on the Lansing group, or any justification for it. Taxpayers should desire improved management of their federal funds.

Charla Burnett is a checking out scholar at Michigan Condition College with in depth knowledge working in the Middle East and in controlling source allocation, together with housing, for major global companies.

This posting originally appeared on Lansing Point out Journal: Sale of community housing to outdoors financial investment business will not assistance Lansing