March 2, 2024


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House for sale in Tennessee has a surprising addition



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A home that’s landed on the real estate market in Memphis, Tennessee, for $589,000 isn’t lying in its listing on when it says the property “has it all.”

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And then some.

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The six-bedroom, four-bathroom house, boasting a “1st class all the way” mentality, comes with what appears to be an actual first-class “Delta Sky Priority” section in a small area of the home. Photos show two large airplane seats complete with a drinks cart.

Family room Screen grab from Zillow

Of course, there are other, more grounded, features, including:

  • Hardwood floors

  • Lovely backyard

  • High ceilings

  • Hugh laundry room

  • Spacious rooms

  • Swimming pool

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“NO! You are awake,” the listing says. “You are not dreaming. No need to pinch yourself! This home has it all!”

Bedroom Screen grab from Zillow

While the home does offer up some beautiful visuals, it’s the Delta sky souvenir that caught the eye of the popular Facebook real estate page Zillow Gone Wild.

Bathroom Screen grab from Zillow

“Somehow my luggage was lost before I even left the house?!” one person joked.

Bedroom Screen grab from Zillow

“I put in a bid but the sale was canceled and they tried to reroute my next mortgage through Nashville,” another said.

“I love how every time I see a post I read the caption and start looking through photos thinking ‘what are they talking about? I don’t get it… ohhhhhh there it is,’” another pointed out.

Bathroom Screen grab from Zillow

“I low key love when houses look completely normal and within the price range for their area of the country and specs and I’m just clicking through waiting for the ‘know it when you see it’ moment,” one person said.

“These people really missed traveling during covid so much they got this in their house?!” someone asked. “I’m surprised they don’t have a treadmill next to it with luggage.”

Pool Screen grab from Zillow

“SO random!!” one person commented. “I was scrolling through, thinking, ‘Oh, this house is gorgeous and updated, what’s the issue??’ and then I saw it.”

“This is a fantastic home, and then there’s the ‘pretend you’re on an airplane’ section,” another said.

Can I use sky miles for it?” one person asked.

Pool Screen grab from Zillow

“Tell me you’re Diamond Medallion status without telling me you’re Diamond Medallion status…” someone joked.

“Does it come with a neighbor kid kicking the back of the seat? Otherwise, I’m out,” another said.

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