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House for sale in Phoenix, Arizona has must-see backyard



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With as stifling hot as it gets in Arizona, a swimming pool in the backyard is an essential when it comes to purchasing a home in the Grand Canyon State. And this particular backyard attached to a home on the market in Phoenix for $880,000 might be as cool as it gets.

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A round of mini golf, anyone?

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The three-bedroom, two-bathroom home built in 1948 has a very entertaining, and leisurely backyard, complete with pool and “lazy-river like feature,” according to the listing on And, judging by the pictures, it gets even cooler thanks to a little mini golf island perched in the middle of the pool.

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Of course, the 2,013-square-foot property on a quarter-acre lot comes with some other interesting features, including a “detached temperature controlled workshop,” two gas fireplaces, hard wood flooring throughout and even a one-bedroom guesthouse.

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Golf seems to be the theme here thanks to the home’s view of the Encanto Park Golf Course, according to the listing.

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The home managed to nab the eye of folks on real estate fan page Zillow Gone Wild, who were fascinated by the backyard.

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“It’s a cool backyard.. but no privacy,” one person observed.

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“Nice house,” another said. “I would have to change the kitchen cabinets and counters and then jump in that pool!”

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“Love everything about this house, except the popcorn ceiling,” one person said.

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“You know I usually come on here to comment on stupid, expensive houses but this is 100% amazing,” another said regarding a majority of the homes featured on Zillow Gone Wild. “No changes.”

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“Business in front, party in the back,” someone joked.

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“If I ever win the lotto I want to put a lazy river moat around my house with coolers that look like alligators along the way,” one person said.

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“Would, but remove that bridge so we can have boat races,” someone remarked.

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“We were going to put in a pool just like this, but remembered we don’t make that kind of money,” one person commented. “It was a bummer.”

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And finally…

“This house screams ‘we put all the money into that pool area.’”

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This story was originally published February 4, 2022 3:35 PM.

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