July 23, 2024


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Home for sale in Indiana has a pool in the entryway



Screengrab from Zillow

Swimming pools are common — we see them every day in backyards and sometimes a designated area indoors in some mansions.

Interior Screengrab from Zillow

However, the placement of a pool in a house that was foreclosed and is now on the real estate market in Fort Wayne, Indiana, for $360,000 has a popular social media page asking “huh?”

Interior Screengrab from Zillow

The area of this particular pool in question is, well, in the ground of the two-story entry hall inside the home.

Interior Screengrab from Zillow

Yes, you read that right. The entry hall.

Interior Screengrab from Zillow

“You will immediately note the circular drive to the port-cochere leading you through the front entrance,” the listing on Zillow says. “You will stop and stare at the grandeur of the 2 story hall through the center of the home which includes an in ground pool!”

Interior Screengrab from Zillow

The listing doesn’t go into detail on why the pool happens to be in the entryway of the four-bedroom, five-bathroom house, which makes it all the more mysterious.

Interior Screengrab from Zillow

Everything else appears to be normal: There’s a normal kitchen, laundry room, four-car attached garage, average primary bedroom suite, cupboard space, built-in bookshelves, the usual.

Interior Screengrab from Zillow

Sure, the colors splashed on the walls are a little blinding, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Interior Screengrab from Zillow

The home caught the attention of Zillow Gone Wild, and the comment section blew up with people questioning the placement of the pool.

Interior Screengrab from Zillow

“At first I thought it was an escalator, then I realized It looks like every mall atrium every where,” one person remarked. “So weird.”

Interior Screengrab from Zillow

“I commend the bold choice to be different,” another said. “Someone clearly knew what they wanted. It’s a shame they’re selling it before they realized their dream, honestly. But not as big a shame as the sorry state of that driveway, jeez.”

Interior Screengrab from Zillow

“Looks like somebody (started) working on this before they confirmed they were the ONLY lottery winner,” another joked.

“You know this house was built during the ‘Mall-ification of America’ era,” someone observed.

Interior Screengrab from Zillow

“’I want you to design a house for me. I’m envisioning a cross between an abandoned mall, a YMCA, and a funeral home. GO!’” another joked.

“The number of angles used to try to figure out what’s happening in the entryway, but every single picture leaves more questions than answers,” one person said.

Interior Screengrab from Zillow

“This looks like the houses I made when I played the Sims in like 2001,” someone said.

“This is what happens when you allow your grade school children to draw your house plans,” another commented.

Interior Screengrab from Zillow

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