May 23, 2024


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Friday Finds… – Showit Blog

Friday Finds... - Showit Blog

I’m feeling all of the springy vibes this week and so many fun items caught my eye this week!


1. I know many people are on the fence about accordion hats, but I think they are super cute! When the sun is out I love a good hat to protect myself! I like that this one is just an accordion brim so it’s not as kooky.

2. Adorable striped espadrilles for all of your spring outfits.

3. Scalloped borders have my heart. I love them, but whenever you see them on bedding, curtains, tablecloths, etc they are on the pricey side. These scalloped placemats are perfectly priced and come in a ton of different color combos.

4. This striped midi skirt keeps being targeted to me in ads and I have pulled the trigger. It looks so chic and comfy. It gives me mamma mia vibes and that is everything to me.

5. Loving the color of these rectangular rattan-wrapped earrings!

6. Spring equals gingham to me and I fell in love with these heels. They would be perfect for Easter or any other spring events you may have.

7. Hello, yo! How fun is this gingham tote! The chain is my favorite part!

Fun finds, right? What did you add to your cart?