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FoodSaver 4440 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System Review 2022

FoodSaver 4440 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System Review 2022

FoodSaver 4440 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System Review

Some of the top reasons for food kept in the freezer getting spoiled are mold, freezer burns etc. These are caused due to poor packing and sealing before storing the food. With FoodSaver 4440, you will never need to worry about food wastage due to food getting spoiled. FoodSaver 4440 offers excellent vacuum sealing, which ensures the removal of air from the package. FoodSaver 4440 is a two in one unit. Meaning – besides the standard vacuum sealer, the unit also features a handheld (retractable)vacuum sealer.

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Be it leftovers or pre-prepared meals, or fresh produce, when preserved with the help of FoodSaver 4440, can stay fresh for weeks together in a fridge, instead of turning rancid or getting spoiled within days. In addition, meat preserved with the help of FoodSaver 4440 lasts for up to three years and tastes as flavorful and fresh. This means you can make a big batch of your favorite delicious soup and enjoy it throughout winter, or a bulk load of spaghetti sauce or pumpkin puree etc., without having to expend as much effort into making it from scratch.

FoodSaver 4440 offers excellent ease of use. Equipped with intelligent technology, FoodSaver 4440’s automatic vacuum sealing system detects the moisture content and accordingly switches to a suitable mode, providing an airtight seal. Automatic detection of the bag makes the process of vacuum sealing fast and easy. The unit features built-in storage for a bag roll. The cutter on the unit allows you to make bags of custom sizes. This ensures that wastage of the bag roll is prevented and the bag being of an appropriate size for the food portion is vacuum-sealed quickly. In addition, FoodSaver 4440 features LED light indicators, which let you monitor the stage of the vacuum sealing process.

With the FoodSaver 4440, you will not need separate attachments to seal containers, mason jars with a wide mouth, bottle stoppers for oil or wine bottles etc. Instead, you can trust the handheld vacuum sealer to do the job and do it thoroughly. In addition, the handheld sealer is retractable – facilitating comfort while using. FoodSaver 4440 works well with bags of 8 inches and 11 inches.

This automatic vacuum sealing system features a patented drip tray that collects the overflow of liquid (if any), keeping the kitchen counter clean and free of mess. This drip tray is removable and is also dishwasher safe. In addition, the unit is made with high-quality material making it very durable. Like all other FoodSaver appliances, FoodSaver 4440 is also UL or ETL certified by NRTL (Nationally Recognized Test Laboratories) and compliant with the product safety test standards.

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  • Features a standard and handheld vacuum sealer
  • Prevents food wastage with effective sealing
  • Save money by preserving seasonal produce
  • Detects bags automatically
  • Features a drip tray that collects the overflow of liquid


  • Owing to features such as storage space for a sealer bag roll and a retractable handheld vacuum sealer, the size of the unit appears bulky and takes up a little more space than other vacuum sealers.


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