July 23, 2024


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Expressive house lists in Seattle and will brighten your day



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A joyful house with an interior that can only be defined as “bohemian-chic” has landed on the real estate market in Seattle, Washington, for $478,000.

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And while some rooms in the three-bedroom, one-bathroom, 1,264-square-foot home might bring a smile to someone’s face, other rooms are…questionably unique.

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Including one room that literally “upped the game(s).”

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“Quirky Craftsman Bungalow delights with epic originality, fun interiors and inspiring territorial views,” the listing on Zillow.com says. “All art installations, spiral kitchen floor, and ray gun collection included! Live your best creative life in the loft and stay in shape with the stairway to the street.”

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Creativity touches each room, from the board game ceiling, to the yellow-brick-road-like flooring in the kitchen, to the painted monkeys in the bathroom, it appears the home brings out the “funky art scene” the city offers.

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Other features in the house include:

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The home also has a basement that “was formerly a pinball machine workshop,” the listing says.

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Zillow Gone Wild, a popular real estate page on Facebook, featured the home as fans commented on what they loved — and what they hated — about the quirky property.

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“My city! Super bright colors like this aren’t uncommon in cities like Seattle or Juneau, where it’s frequently gray,” someone observed. “The monkeys are less common.”

“The exterior is bit much but I do love the bohemian feel of the interior,” one person said.

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“Honestly with all the Seattle gray I can see why,” another mentioned. “But I maybe wouldn’t go with such an eclectic mix of lurid colors!”

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“The swirly floor is awesome and the game board ceiling for a games room is pretty cool,” one person said.

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“With the exception of the green room, everything else can stay and I’d buy it as is lol,” another commented. “That kitchen floor and the attic loft are 100% what sold me on it.”

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“Definitely looks like a house that could be on a sitcom series,” someone observed.

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That stove looks like it’s just visiting,” one person pointed out regarding the kitchen.

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I want to know who laid on their back on scaffolding to stick all those game boards on the ceiling,” another said.

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