July 14, 2024


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Explore The Beach Caves Ibiza With Athena Calderone

Explore The Beach Caves Ibiza With Athena Calderone

I give you this long-sorted history of the many things Ibiza represents for me because my experience at the beach caves somehow mirrors my own Ibizan experience. That a hotel stay can also be many things—yes, you can have exceptional spa treatments and delicious food and services that tap into all of your senses BUT we are on an island known for nightlife so YES you can go a few levels down to immerse yourself in ALL the eclectic things Ibiza has to offer. Sure it’s a hotel but it’s also a nightclub with cultural programming, a state-of-the-art recording studio, and an incredible plant-led local menu to feast on as you listen to live shamanic house. It’s truly a celebration of all things Ibiza—sophisticated, eclectic, and fun, with passion, entertainment, and community at its core.

This trip and this property reminded me of all of the things that make me ME, that have made my marriage what it is, and made our family so unique. We are, after all, the sum of all our parts and a very huge part of me is that dancing fool who loses herself in both mice, dancing, and beauty. Also, I am in the business of elevating ALL the senses and I felt each of them viscerally!! Thank you Ibiza for your magic and thank you, Ben, for this incredible invitation to The Beach Caves. And also for this invitation back to the early me!