July 23, 2024


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Confusing house for sale in Vegas shocks. Has ‘anxiety’ vibe



Screen grab from Zillow

Some people live by the old cliche “never judge a book by its cover” when it comes to houses. What gives off the appearance of a plain-Jane looking bunker on the outside could have the most sophisticated get-up on the inside, like this listed Ohio home.

Exterior Screen grab from Zillow

And then there are houses that have a downright baffling exterior that matches their entire interior. Like this bizarre four-bedroom, two-bathroom property on the real estate market in Las Vegas for $450,000.

Family room Screen grab from Zillow

Going through the photos, you have to ask yourself: “Huh?”

Family room Screen grab from Zillow

In some areas, the 1,923-square-foot home is akin to a time capsule from a 1988 sports bar, especially in the family room where a lineup of CRT-looking television sets hover on a wall.

Living room Screen grab from Zillow

Other areas look to be less cluttered, like a room that holds a pool table and what appears to be a bar area.

Kitchen Screen grab from Zillow

“The home sits on (a) huge lot ready for RV parking and more,” the listing describes. “Great investment opportunity as rental or other creative ideas.”

Interior Screen grab from Zillow

The home perplexed fans of the Facebook page Zillow Gone Wild, which focuses on unique properties on the real estate market.

Bar Screen grab from Zillow

“Is this what anxiety looks like?” one person asked.

Dining area Screen grab from Zillow

“I bet that house has some good stories!” another said.

Bedroom Screen grab from Zillow

“SO MANY QUESTIONS!!” one person exclaimed. “I sincerely hope this house has good bones because the only way to salvage it would be to gut it and start over.”

Bedroom Screen grab from Zillow

“I live in Vegas and it’s actually in a good neighbourhood,” another observed. “I’ve always been so curious about this place. This is actually pretty tame to what it looked like on the outside years ago.”

Bedroom Screen grab from Zillow

“I have so many questions,” someone said. “Why the staggering number of televisions and computer monitors? Why don’t they own any bedding actually sized for their beds? Why so many tiles and bricks? Why did they build a shrine for their garbage?”

“I feel like this house was made by someone who set a personal challenge for themselves to build a home made only from curb finds, clearance materials, or remainder stock,” one person commented.

Office Screen grab from Zillow

“It seems to be made of all the left over building material and TVs from the entire vegas area,” another observed. “And completely without measuring anything.”

Bedroom Screen grab from Zillow

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