July 23, 2024


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Athena Calderone’s Favorite Décor From Her Crate & Barrel Collection

When designing my Amagansett home for the second time to coincide with the release of my design book, Live Beautiful, I chose to incorporate neutral and tactile furnishing, one being a new armchair for the living room. Perfectly petite, its 1950s Scandinavian proportions bathed in shearling make it super cuddly with just the right amount of tufting. The chair instantly became the most beloved chair for our family and went viral on Instagram with hundreds of re-grams and inquiries of its origins. Furthermore, once we adopted our rescue puppy, Tuco it became his favorite chair to snuggle upon. Each morning, my husband, Victor would sip his morning coffee on this chair only to have Tuco come over, nudge him with his nose, and subsequently prompt him to get up out of “T’s chair.” Before Victor fully relinquished the chair, Tuco was hopping right up onto it. It was the sweetest and most hilarious routine! Hence, the Le Tuco chair was born. The version we designed for this collection is inspired by my original chair, but we adapted the proportions, changed the slope of the arms, and added sphere-like wooden legs. I LOVE THIS CHAIR and it is our prediction that it will become the number one seller of the collection—timeless, elegant, and petite!