July 14, 2024


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Are Nectar Mattresses Worth It?

Are Nectar Mattresses Worth It?

After sleeping in a queen-size bed with Jon and let’s face it sometimes the kids for over 10 years, I was ready for an update. We had purchased that queen mattress right when we got engaged and we will be celebrating 17 years of marriage in January! Wow! For the last 3 years, the mattress was in really bad shape. It had coils and every time I got up it made the most awful noise. My back was aching, I was constantly waking up because I was hot and most nights I ended up way too close to my nightstand because a queen-size mattress is just too small when you have kids. We knew that when the time came to move into the new house we would be splurging and getting a king-size mattress! Now, I know everyone is currently obsessed with buying a mattress online and having it delivered in a teeny box that you get to open and pop into shape. I was interested in learning all about memory foam mattresses with no coils but wasn’t into the idea of not having any idea of what I was getting into before purchasing it. You spend so much of your life sleeping that I wanted to make sure I had really tested out the mattress beforehand. I was extremely interested in learning more about Nectar mattresses because they had the best reviews. So, are Nectar mattresses worth it?

Before we purchased our Nectar mattress I did some research and realized that PC Richard & Sons had a mattress department and that they featured Nectar mattresses! Who knew! PC Richard & Sons was where I got my first digital camera and let’s face it, my first disc man. I’m that old now! I was delighted to hear that they now sold mattresses. I literally put on my comfiest outfit and went with Jon to test out all of the mattresses. We were like Goldilocks trying to find the best one. We are both hot sleepers so we wanted something cooling and I prefer something a bit firmer, but still soft. See, totally like Goldilocks trying to see what worked best. I hopped back and forth between all of the options and fell in love with the Nectar Premier mattress. It was plush yet supportive and the perfect height at 13″. The best part was that PC Richard & Sons could deliver it super fast and they open it for you so it arrives all ready to go! We were also delighted to find out that at the time that we purchased they had a promo going on and we got two king size memory foam pillows and a sheet set! It was absolutely perfect.

We have been sleeping on our Nectar mattress for 4 months now and I’m in love! It has been a total dream. My kids love and are constantly sneaking into our bed. I think Nectar mattresses are in their future.

Are Nectar Mattresses Worth It?

Here are the perks we have experienced while sleeping on our Nectar mattress:

-No more back pain! With our old coil mattress, I constantly had a heating pad on at night and was taking Aleve to deal with my aches and pain. The other day I realized I hadn’t turned on the heating pad since we got the new mattress. Amazing.

-We are hot sleepers and this mattress has totally helped with that. It’s a nice cooling sensation to get into bed and we aren’t throwing our comforter off and tossing and turning all night.

-No noise! I love not having coils/springs. I can get in and out without making a peek.

-No sagging. I have seen lots of memory foam mattresses sag from sitting at the edge of the mattress and this does not that. I think it’s a combination of their memory foam and the height.

-No bouncing. I can paint my nails or drink a cup of coffee and my kids can be bouncing on the other side and I don’t move!

We love our Nectar mattress and it has converted us into loyal Nectar customers that won’t go back to anything else.


If you have any additional questions or concerns before buying your own Nectar mattress leave a comment and let me know. I’m happy to answer anything that is giving you pause!