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An Exhaustive Candle Gift Guide for Absolutely Everyone in Your Life

An Exhaustive Candle Gift Guide for Absolutely Everyone in Your Life

Buying a scented candle as a holiday gift can seem like an easy slam dunk. How can you go wrong when you’re elevating a loved one’s space with a little bit of coziness and luxury? But because the world of scented candles is so large, blindly choosing a scent can easily veer into the unfortunate territory of “gift for an acquaintance you barely know”—the sort of gift that makes the receiver wonder, who does this person think I am? Why are they under the impression I would want a cookie-scented candle? What does this say about me? Am I projecting an image of the sort of person who would enjoy a sweet gourmand scent? Don’t they know me at all?!  

It’s quite precarious, as you can see. To help ease the journey, we’ve put together a few ultra-specific scented candle choices for a few of the ultra-specific people who might be on your list this year.

For the friend who can’t be pried from their “Feu de Bois” 

Keap Wood Cabin

Reminiscent of a hike in the mountains in the fall, and stopping at a wooden refuge for a break. Capturing the sights of waterfalls, dried leaves, wet stones, moss, and colorful trees. Perfect for bedrooms, fire sides, and those who aren’t afraid of something deep, dark and mysterious.

Like traipsing through the snow-covered forest toward a cabin where the fireplace is already roaring, this cozy candle will fulfill all of your friend’s “Feu de Bois” needs without being, no offense, so devastatingly basic. And after the candle is gone, the vessel can be reused as a glass tumbler. Can “Feu de Bois” say that?

Astier de Villatte Stockholm Scented Candle

The interlaced lanes and cobblestones in this pastel and ochre old city hide the secret address of the famous Swedish Bitters Elixir. King Gustav II would give it to his Viking warriors to render them invincible.

Astier de Villatte candles make for great gifts; the vessels are generous and beautiful, and the scents always smell like a luxury. This one will scratch that wood fire itch, and elevate it with cozy clove, lavandin, myrrh, and “grandpa’s cologne”-like elements.

For your witchy friend

Vyrao Ember Candle

Cistus and birch tar interlace with cedarwood and frankincense for a sharp woody, smoky aroma that eliminates negative and emanates positive energy.  …

Vyrao’s candles—our favorite is the birch tar and cedarwood-scented “Ember,” meant to eliminate negative energy—are supercharged by the brand’s Quantum Energist. What does that mean? We don’t know, but your witchy friend might.

Byredo Altar

Byredo reissues Altar candle in its now iconic black glass silhouette: “This scent really evokes winter memories of family nights in Stockholm, and it felt appropriate to reissue for 2020 and be reminded of the sanctity of home and family.”
– Ben Gorham, Founder and Creative Director, Byredo …

Notes of clove, ylang ylang, and vetiver say to your friend, I support your semi-new interest in all things woo-woo, and think you deserve something nice. 

Otherland Sacred Dusk Vegan Candle

Fragrance Family: Warm & Spicy  Scent Type: Woody Spices  Key Notes: Palo Santo, Cypress Bark, Crimson Incense  Burn Time: 55 Hours…

A warming, budget-friendly (but still good) way to spread magickal vibes with palo santo, cypress bark, and incense.

For the friend whose home is intimidatingly stylish

Joya Composition No. 6 Candle

Composition No 6 opens with a fresh, terpenic forest sharpness of juniper berries, cypress, and yuzu, loosening up to an air accord that breezes through with hints of lotus floralcy. And finally, submission: Landing on a soft bed of lush meadowgrass and saffron.

This candle, from the endlessly creative Brooklyn studio Joya, smells the way a cashmere sweater feels, and its handmade porcelain vessel is stunning enough to be a gift in itself.

Moro Dabron Cyrus Candle

Made from biscuit-coloured stoneware, the Cyrus candle vessel is fired in an English pottery and poured with fragranced wax. After burning the candle, the vessel can be repurposed as a vase for flowers or a decorative receptacle.

Can’t you see this candle fitting right in on your friend’s mantel that is so elegantly decorated it makes you feel ashamed of everything you own? The scent—hinoki, patchouli, pine—will linger appropriately among your friend’s carefully chosen objects, and the stoneware vessel can hold flowers after the candle evaporates.

Aina Kari Vulcano

Vulcano Candle is dedicated to Vulcano ( or Hephaestus ), the Roman god of artisans, craftsmen, and sculptors. We’ve selected a deep, rich black marble elucidated by the daemon of fire coming up from the earth.

Okay—how much do you like your friend, and are you rich? The price has to be requested on this black marble-held Italian citrus candle (and you know what that means) but if you have an endless supply of disposable wealth, hey, it might be worth it.

For your brother, who just needs something to help his apartment smell not-disgusting 

Aesop Istros Aromatique Room Spray

A union of enlivening florals and Tobacco, Istros stimulates the atmosphere with aromas of the bazaar.

Honestly, I don’t trust your stinky brother with a candle. Luckily there are a number of great room spray options that will give the same scent-obscuring effect without the flame. This spicy lavender and tobacco-scented spray from Aesop is a great one.

Brooklinen Room Spray

Instant gratification in a spritz. Spark creativity from a place of calm with Bright Idea’s blend of geranium and cardamom. RSVP, yes to an immediate mood boost with Happy Hour’s citrus, cedar, and rosemary notes.

This light and bright vetiver room spray from Brooklinen will give your brother’s apartment the freshness of a spring day. You might as well pick him up a new towel while you’re there, too; you know he needs one.

L’Objet Bois Sauvage Room Spray

The aromatic spray enhances the mood of interior spaces and freshen linens. The fragrance evokes a walk on a wet forest floor, with notes of wild Italian bergamot, tobacco jasmine and spice.

For the fancier brother, or for the brother whose style you’re trying to upgrade: L’Objet’s woodsy “Bois Sauvage.” The bergamot and cyprus-scented spray won’t fail in elevating his space. 

Studio Cuela GOLDA Hiba Wood Atmosphere Mist

To make our atmosphere mist, we simply mix distilled water with premium Aomori Hiba essential oil.

This citrusy, woodsy spray also repels insects, in case that is also an issue in your brother’s apartment.

For your hard-to-please sister


Having a hard time choosing a scent from our home collection? This discovery set is designed to allow you to experience 3 of our interior creations at home or while you travel.

With three classic Le Labo scents, and the ability to customize their labels, there has got to be something here that your sister won’t hate.

Skandinavisk EXPLORE Giftset

Experience the spectacle of Scandinavian nature, of the fjords, the highlands and the islands in this giftset containing 3 mini scented candles of Swedish rapeseed wax and FSC-certified beechwood lids.  …

Does your sister love Denmark? Is she into outdoorsy scents in beautifully frosted vessels? Maybe this little gift set from sustainable Scandinavian brand Skandinavisk will do the trick.


Set of 3 mini candles Baies recalls the irresistible freshness of a bouquet of roses, sweetened with blackcurrant leaves. Figuier evokes the tree’s many charms: the warmth of its bark the freshness of its leaves and the milky sap of its fruit. Roses is a ravishing tribute to the queen of flowers.

If the idea of splurging on what might be the wrong Diptyque scent makes your bank account ache, this set of three of their most beloved creations is a safer bet.

Flamingo Estate The Three Sisters Candle Set

All three of our best-selling candles, sensual and fragrant. Ignite your senses each evening with euphoric Rosemary, calming Sage, and the blissful, transportive Roma Tomato. In bloom, on fire.

This one even says sisters in the name!

For the cousin who can’t have candles in the house because she has kids and Little Billy’s been grabby lately


By far the most elegant and delicate way to perfume a room, the alabaster is made of three elements: a porcelain box, a stone and a perfume essence bottle.

Officine Universelle Buly’s alabaster fragrance diffuser is probably the most interesting way to scent a small space. The porcelain box holds a porous sedimentary stone, which you douse with a few sprinkles of one of the brand’s perfume concentrates (in this case, the “Campagne d’Italie” scent, which has notes of grapefruit and sandalwood). The absorbent little miracle stone then politely scents your space for impressively long stretches—and won’t set your house on fire should a child knock it over.


The collection of Home Objects welcomes a new icon: the Trudon Diffuser joins L’OEuf, the Room Spray and La Promeneuse to further perfume interiors.

The most covetable reed diffuser on the market, Trudon’s “Odalisque” will infuse any room with the intoxicating scent of soft orange blossom wrapped in vanilla—without a flame.

For the friend who’s going to want a holiday-season-appropriate scent


The Étincelles / Spark candle instantly brings the spirit of the holiday season to life. It envelops the end of the year in a comforting scent that blends the smell of a wood fire with delicious notes of coffee and chocolate.

Coffee, chocolate, and fireplace scents combine here to evoke the perfect Christmas morning, and the vessel’s star-covered design will impart holiday cheer even if you dislike food-related scents.


The scent of Chanukah is the scent of frying latkes. This candle smells like a real deal Holyfield potato in all its earthen glory. As the candle burns, it starts to smell cooked—in an agreeable way.

Speaking of food-related scents, I think you might have to buy this one immediately.

For your significant other’s mom 


TOP: Earl Grey Tea, Bergamot, Black Currant  MIDDLE: Honeysuckle, Rose, Carnation, Peony  BASE: Vetiver, Moss, Amber, Cedarwood…

Like sipping a cup of Earl Grey tea in a peony and honeysuckle-stuffed garden, this beautiful candle screams, “you are my significant other’s mom and I am determined to get you to like me.”

Blue Mercury The Maker
Gardener Candle

Inspired by The Gardener Studio at The Maker Hotel, this candle is verdant, airy, and crisp …


Obviously a great option if you know your significant other’s mom happens to garden, but a good one even if she doesn’t—with notes of wet grass, basil, and mint, combined with this beautiful vessel, she won’t be able to help but be charmed by your good taste.

Francis Kurkdjian View of the Park

Part of the “Home Sweet Homes” collection, the View of the Park scented candle brings you the magical feel of a window which opens over Central Park with its smell of Virginia cedar, cinnamon and cognac.  …

This stunning candle is supposed to evoke the feeling of looking out onto New York City’s Central Park, and it does so with notes of cedar, cinnamon, and cognac. Is that what Central Park smells like? It’s not for us to know. It is simply for us to give to our significant other’s mom.

For the friend who’s so picky about scents that you’re better off just buying them candle accessories


Glass cloche with unlacquered brass knob is both a practical way to keep dust from falling on candles and a gorgeous decorative object on its own.  …

My gosh, what is this, a fancy store? Keep your friend’s candles dust and pet-hair free while elevating their decor with a glass cloche.

USB Lighter Company Rechargeable Lighter

We all love to have a lighter handy for candles, incense, birthdays, and the like. And no matter which one you may have on hand, this rechargeable wonder is sure to be an upgrade. It’ll give you up to 300 uses on a single charge from your USB port, and—bonus—it’s completely butane-free.

This electric lighter will no doubt inspire confusion at first (it’s very strange and maybe magic) but soon your friend won’t know how they ever lit a candle without it.

L’Objet Haas Monster Incense Burner

Light incense and conceal under the monster’s porcelain torso, as the incense smolders it’s fragrant smoke will be released through the creature’s brass horns. It’s sculpted hair pushes porcelain to its limits creating a texture that is sophisticated and wild.

Okay, at $1,450 this one is a stretch, but damn—it’s so freaking cute, we had to include it.

MoMA Design Store Candle Care Set

An elegant way to care for your favorite candles, this two-piece set includes a wick trimmer and candle snuffer.  …

This wick trimmer and candle snuffer set from the Museum of Modern Art is chic, affordable, and necessary for prolonging the life of your candles.


Say it with stylish XL matches featuring cheeky greetings foil pressed in gold on brightly colored matchboxes, perfect for special occasions or just because. Pairs beautifully with a candle and card. Great for lighting the last bits of your candles.

Don’t underestimate the simple luxury of an extra-long matchstick.

Coming Soon Pompom Candle Holder

Hand blown 100% borosilicate glass. Sold individually and candles sold separately.

God these are cute, and they would make a particularly nice gift when paired with Bougies la Francaise’s dripless (and scentless) taper candles.

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