June 21, 2024


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Amazon Pet Hair Remover: The Uproot Is Instagram Famous for a Reason

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I live with two cats: one who sheds and one who sheds even more. I’m always in search of tools that will help stop the fur from taking over my sofa, office chair, blankets, and clothes — basically my entire home. I’ve tried comb-style hair removers and didn’t like how rough they were on fabrics. I know lint rollers are gentle enough even for cashmere, but I’m tired of creating so much waste with them. So when we stumbled upon this Instagram-famous pet hair remover, which uses a clever head design to grab hairs and hold onto them tight, it seemed like the exact thing I’ve been looking for.

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The two areas where the Uproot Cleaner Pro stands out the most are in its versatility and durability. It’s safe to use on furniture and clothes without risking snags or tears, and its sturdy metal construction means you can collect pile after pile for a while. You don’t need to apply much pressure to lift up hair (which also helps you avoid damaging fabrics), and its lightweight handle makes it comfortable enough to clean large areas in one go. Having just one compact tool that takes care of my sweaters, pants, and furniture sounds really nice. (With the amount of lint rollers I go through, this will also pay for itself in no time!)

One big complaint I’ve had with other pet hair removers is that as they pull up the fur — that my cats lovingly embed throughout my home — they loosen a lot of hairs, which then drift into corners, where they will be found later. The Uproot seems to be able to prevent these hairs from escaping because the tiny ridges on its head simultaneously scrape up and capture hair — rather than just comb it off the fabric. That means instead of becoming a bunch of wispy tumbleweeds that you have chase down, all the hair gets neatly rolled into manageable tufts that you can pluck off and toss into the trash.

Pet parents who own the Uproot have found it to be the answer to their ongoing battles against persistent pet hair, and more than 9,000 of them gave it five stars. One person who lives with a cat and four constantly shedding dogs — German shepherds and huskies, to be precise — shared that “after trying so many vacuums (probably like 5–6) and not wanting to use a bunch of lint rollers, this was a last resort. And it’s been worth EVERY penny.” Another simply wrote: “I can honestly say [the] Uproot Cleaner Pro works better than any other product I’ve used in my 50 years of being owned by animals.” So even if my cats run my home, their hair’s days are numbered.

Pick one of these up to make it easy to keep your perfect pets’ hair off your clothes, furniture, and blankets. The Uproot is currently 28 percent off, so now is a smart time to grab a few extra to give as holiday gifts. Your pet parent friends will definitely thank you!