June 21, 2024


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Amazing low-cost Kurichi house wins hearts with its unique design | Lifestyle Decor

Sebastian’s brand-new house at Kurichi in Kottayam district, Kerala, is a modern abode that has all the required amenities. Moreover, this well-designed house has been built without breaking the bank, making it a perfect model for those who are trying to build affordable houses.

The family of five wanted a comfortable two storey house built on a moderate budget of Rs 20 lakh. Using alternate building materials and avoiding unnecessary and over-the-top design features have helped in keeping the expenses at bay.

The structure has been built using interlocking mud bricks. There is no need to cement plaster the structures that are built using these bricks. A clear coat of paint has been applied for sheen. This grants a natural finish and rustic charm to the elevation.

The flat box style elevation plays a major role in saving space in the 6 cents plot. Designed in 1200 sqft, this charming house has a sit-out, living and dining areas, prayer space, kitchen with a work area, three bedrooms, upper living area and a balcony.

The entrance door opens to a spacious living-dining area. This open hall makes the spaces look and feel vaster.

Vitrified tiles in grey colour have been paved on the floor, granting an elegant charm to the interiors. The ready-made furniture is classy and suits the general theme of the house.

There are two bedrooms on the ground floor. Meanwhile, the upper floor has a bedroom and a balcony. Two bedrooms are bath attached while there is a common bathroom too.

GI hand railings have been installed on the simple concrete stairway. The open terrace is where the clothes are dried.

The orange hue of the interlocking bricks adds a graceful ambience to the house. However, the kitchen is a unique area where the vibrant yellow hue instantly grabs attention. The cupboards here have been built in aluminium composite panels. All these factors have helped in reducing the expenses.

Not many know that interlocking mud bricks are extremely environmental friendly. Besides, the construction could be completed swiftly as the use of concrete is limited. A fabulous house could be easily built in just three months using interlocking mud bricks.

The presence of the laterite stones helps in reducing the heat inside the house. Moreover, the structure has been designed to allow the construction of an additional floor, if required, in the future.

This beautiful abode proves that anyone could easily build their dream dwelling using interlocking mud bricks, without burning a hole in their pockets.

Among the many factors that helped in reducing the expenses, using locally sourced interlocking bricks played a pivotal role. The interiors are designed as space-efficient areas by reducing the area by square feet. The kitchen has been furnished with aluminium composite panels that are inexpensive. Concrete door and window frames are used instead of timber. Meanwhile, readymade doors have been used in the interiors.

Project Facts

Location – Kurichi, Changanassery

Plot – 6 cents

Area – 1200 SFT

Owners – Sebastian and Aniyamma

Architect and interior design – Sajith Vattapara and Surya Sugunan

Etern Architects, Ernakulam

Mob – 9747100103

Year of completion – 2021