June 4, 2023


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3 Ways to Reduce Waste in Your Cleaning Routine

Cleaning can sometimes create a lot of unnecessary waste. Good Housekeeping senior home editor Monique Valeris is passionate when it comes to reducing excess paper and plastic in her home cleaning routines. Watch above and read on for Monique’s tips on how to waste less, made even easier by Clorox.

1. Switch your cleaning spray to a refillable pod system

If you’re wiping down surfaces regularly, chances are you’re also tossing a lot of bottles. The Clorox Multi-Purpose Refillable Cleaner Starter Kit replaces up to 30 regular 16-oz. Clorox bottles, resulting in up to 80% less plastic. Simply refill the empty bottle via the easy-to-use pod system. The concentrated formula mixes with water for a bleach-free, grease-fighting clean without needing to purchase a new bottle. Plus, the pod and bottle are recyclable to boot.

2. Ditch paper towels for reusable cloth

You can trade paper towels for a soft fabric cleaning cloth. Not only are cloths often more absorbent, they’re also cost-effective since you can toss in the wash and reuse. Pair them with the Clorox Multi-Purpose Refillable Cleaner Starter Kit to get rid of grease and grime on stainless steel, glass, porcelain, and more, and you’ve got an unbeatable duo that will get your appliances and countertops sparkling.

3. Use wool dryer balls

Dryer sheets can contain synthetic ingredients and can take a long time to break down in a landfill. Reusable wool dryer balls are an easy alternative that fluff fabrics as they dry for a softer feel. Take Monique’s advice and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil so you can customize your own clean laundry smell.

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