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10 Best Keto Meal Delivery Services 2022

best keto meal delivery services to try now

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If you’re new to the ketogenic diet, getting started on restricting carbohydrates and sugar for the first time can feel extremely overwhelming — especially if you’re working to manage other nutritional goals or restrictions besides a keto approach, like a dairy or gluten aversion. Whether you’ve turned to keto due to holistic health requirements or a diet goal, you’ll learn fast that the key to maintaining ketosis (a state in which your metabolism burns fat primarily for energy) requires you to follow quite strict dietary rules while cooking and eating out.

Turning to a keto-friendly meal kit, including ready-to-eat options, can certainly save you time and stress around carb-counting to avoid wrecking a keto diet approach. But keto meal delivery subscriptions can also be a fantastic way to inherently teach yourself what kind of ingredients you’ll be relying on, and which ones you’ll need to skip in order to maintain strict ketosis, a goal you may tweak down the line if you’re more into a “lazy” keto approach. You’ll be able to move into your own fully custom keto meal plan once you master these basics — or, you may decide a more holistic low-carb meal kit is better suited for you.

Finding the best keto meal delivery service can be tricky, especially if you’re unsure of which kinds of keto-friendly meals you’ll enjoy. Food and nutrition experts in the Good Housekeeping Institute conducted a sweeping survey with over 150 different testers over three months to garner real-world feedback for leading recipe-kit and meal delivery services across the industry. With the help of Stefani Sassos, MS, RD, CDN, deputy director of the GH Institute’s Nutrition Lab, editors have filtered results to pinpoint the best meal kits and ready-to-eat meal delivery services for keto dieters interested in making this complicated program much easier. Below, we’re exploring true standouts in tests for keto dieters, as well as a few runner-ups for those on the hunt for specific dietary options.

Our top picks

    Editor’s note: Weight loss, health and body image are complex subjects — before deciding to go on a diet, we invite you to gain a broader perspective by reading our exploration into the hazards of diet culture.

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Best Overall: Green Chef

A clear-cut favorite among our testers, Green Chef curates a keto meal kit that requires you to cook your meals with pre-portioned ingredients designed to keep ketosis in check. The brand aims to send ingredients and recipes that can come together in under 30 minutes; tester feedback indicated that Green Chef’s certified-organic ingredients were easy to work with in the kitchen. While there are plenty of meal delivery services that send ready-to-eat keto meals, we believe keto diet newcomers will greatly benefit from Green Chef’s approach to certain ingredients’ portion control as it’ll help you to learn carbohydrate counting intuitively. Added bonus: the meals are designed to be Paleo-friendly, as well.

Frequency: Subscribers can sign up for three or four meals per week, and may tweak serving sizes to feed up to six people. Recipes rotate weekly and both users and interested dieters can see which dishes are being served in advance. Single cooks will enjoy leftovers as the kit’s minimum servings are designated for two.

Cost: Starts at $11.99 per serving for four, at four meals per week; $9.99 shipping.

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Best Value: FreshlyFit

Known for delivering fully prepped meals that are ready in just three minutes, these single-serve meals are great for individuals who may want to avoid excess leftovers. And while its offerings may be less expansive compared to other plans on this list, the FreshlyFit line has a stack of meal options within its Carb-Conscious offerings that all are below 20g of net carbs per serving. Portions for meals like FreshlyFit’s Zingy Buffalo Chicken, as an example, are tighter for starchy sides if you opt into the Carb-Conscious program. If you’re hunting for a flavorful meal that you can enjoy by only using your microwave (particularly at lunch!), FreshlyFit is an impressive offering that doesn’t break the bank.

Frequency: You’ll order up to 12 meals at once and store them until you’re ready to eat; you can opt-in for as little as four meals per order.

Cost: Individual meals start at $8.99; shipping fees are calculated by location.

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Best Organic: Fresh N Lean

Testers noted this brand’s offerings are appealingly fresh and extremely easy to heat and serve — without being outright frozen altogether. Fresh N Lean’s meals are entirely vacuum-sealed to retain quality and flavor, and they’re prepared either by warming them on a stovetop or in 3 minutes via microwave. While testers indicated that the meals may not be as visually appealing as others on this list, the ease of preparing Fresh N Lean’s meals pays off as overall flavor and taste scores clocked in above average. New subscribers will have a chance to pull some certified-organic meals from a keto-curated menu that changes weekly, and can also opt into breakfast-specific options as well. Fresh N Lean’s keto offerings are also notably short on net carbs; most clock in at 8- to 10g total, meaning you’ll be able to easily enjoy more than one in a given day.

Frequency: Weekly delivery on Friday, and subscribers choose between one and three of meals they’ll be enjoying each, including single meals or an lá carte option. The Keto meal subscription doesn’t allow subscribers to choose individualized meals weekly, but users can add on additional orders of specific meals at an additional cost.

Pricing: Meals start at $10, but average meal plans round out at $13 per meal, plus shipping.

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Best Ready-to-Eat: Factor

If you’re someone with a sweet tooth and sugar is proving tough to cut cold turkey, Factor’s meal delivery service may be for you as they do include keto-friendly dessert. Testing feedback indicated that Factor’s variety in meal choice and flavor ranges were among the most comprehensive of the group, with menu options spanning from Italian to Middle Eastern cuisines, peppered with plenty of perennial favorites like keto-friendly Chicken Parmesan. In coordinating tests, Sassos notes that Factor’s menu has been clearly influenced by dietitians working at the brand, who design offerings to be as encompassing as possible when it comes to nutritional values.

Frequency: Delivered weekly, subscribers can choose between four, six, eight, 12 or 18 meals when signing up. Most meals are designed for lunch and dinner options, but you can often find low-carb breakfast ideas as well.

Cost: Pricing starts at $11 per meal for more encompassing subscriptions, but can range up to $15.

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Best for Weight Loss: Performance Kitchen

While many people turn to keto meal plans to jumpstart weight management goals, Performance Kitchen has earned a reputation among brands for its wide array of meal kits that cater to a suite of medical-specific diets. Its keto offering is laser-focused on providing a holistic nutrient-forward offering, as each meal is purposefully designed to include a full serving of vegetables that won’t impact a metabolic ketosis state. Because of targeted planning, this brand doesn’t offer as many meal options as its competitors — but you’ll know that each meal you’re eating is more nutritionally redeeming than most keto recipes can be. While calorie counting isn’t always a consideration (and for good reason!) for those following a keto diet or counting macronutrients, each of Performance Kitchen’s ready-to-eat meals often clock in at below 400 calories, a targeted amount that may fit into a weight-loss-specific nutritional approach.

Frequency: Delivered weekly, biweekly, or monthly; each Performance Kitchen Low-Carb meal delivery subscription box contains 9 single servings that can be enjoyed for lunch or dinner.

Cost: Each delivery is billed at $108, or just about $12 per meal.

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Best Gluten-Free: Territory

If you’re lucky to live within Territory’s delivery zones, you’ll enjoy some of the highest-rated prepared meals by testers coordinating our review. Nutritionists work to help chefs curate a keto-specific menu that changes frequently and is highly seasonal for its clients. While the nutritionists planning these menus always stick to 15g net carbohydrates, flavor is far from lacking on any of Territory’s meals, from grilled salmon to beef fajita scrambles and breakfast options that include plenty of bacon. This is true for subscribers who wish to opt into a fully gluten-free keto program, which is included at cost and doesn’t result in lackluster offerings away from a brand’s traditional keto menu. Interestingly, this is also one of the only meal plans that offer subscribers a chance to customize serving sizes in the interest of restricting calories; those who opt into “Boost” portions will enjoy meals that won’t exceed 450 calories, whereas a “Standard” size can range up to 650 calories in total.

Frequency: Delivered weekly, can receive between six and 24 meals at choice. Customers can also forego a subscription model and enjoy as little as three meals in one order. Territory strictly delivers to select cities and suburbs across the nation.

Cost: Pricing depends on portions elected, but meals start at $11 each and can range up to $14 in total.

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Home Chef

Well known for their relationship with subscribers, Home Chef stood out in tests for low-carb options that include homegrown favorites like turkey meatloaf and Tex-Mex-style stuffed peppers. With their low-carb offerings available in some Kroger locations, you may be familiar with their standalone meal kits — but Home Chef allows further customization via subscriptions ordered online. Their subscriptions are often well-suited for couples or small families who wish to avoid leftovers. For those who enjoy cooking and a true recipe process, this brand may be the best fit for you.

Frequency: Delivered weekly, can opt for two, four or six servings per meal, with up to four meals delivered in one box.

Cost: Meals start at $9.95 per serving and optional add-ons may range up to $5 per person.

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Offering both recipe kits and portioned ready-to-eat meals, Sunbasket offers a carb-conscious menu that is decidedly low-carb, but is often out of reach for those aiming to stick to strict ketosis, as each meal contains a minimum of 25g net carbohydrates. But they’re otherwise extremely nutritionally sound, with 10g of protein or more in each serving and having meals designed by registered dietitians. Testers indicated that there was a wide variety of meal options to choose from and ingredients were top-notch in terms of quality and taste.

Frequency: At your discretion — pricing is based on quantity and serving size.

Cost: Premade meals are sold at $12 per serving, whereas meal kits start at $13.50 per serving, with two to four servings available to purchase.

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Snap Kitchen has championed portions and subscriptions best geared towards single home cooks or couples, and does well in mixing in keto indulgences in moderation to spice things up. You’ll find a gambit of keto favorites from herb-roasted chicken to braised salmon, even keto-friendly burgers that you’d expect at chain restaurants. And those on specialized keto diets may appreciate that users can filter meal options for things like calorie counts, protein counts, sodium input and fiber levels as well.

Frequency: Delivered weekly for free, users can choose either 6 meals or 12 meals per week. Some areas of the continental U.S. aren’t included in SnapKitchen’s delivery zone.

Cost: Six meals can be purchased for $76 and 12 meals at $126, just about $10.50 a piece.

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Pete’s Paleo

They’re not the same in any case, but the paleo diet does have a few commonalities with keto programs — and you may decide to lean towards paleo instead, which allows more carbohydrates that are nutritionally sound. Carrots, sweet potatoes, beets and squash are sprinkled into this paleo-forward meal delivery service, which still focuses squarely on healthy fats as many keto dieters turn to this service to balance out their own home-cooked meal plan. All of Pete’s Paleo’s meals are cooked fresh and sent frozen to be easily reheated at home.

Frequency: Delivered weekly on Friday, up to 25 meals per order.

Cost: A minimum of five meals per order, servings start at $16.

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How we chose the best keto meal delivery services:

Food and nutrition experts within the Good Housekeeping Institute tested each of the meal delivery services featured on this guide and used a tester panel for real-world feedback on ease and taste. GH Institute pros conducted a survey of more than 800 home cooks to determine which meal kit delivery services and offerings are leading in the market, before coordinating home testing on 40 different services and brands through over 150 testers who gathered detailed feedback in their kitchens.

Our evaluations are based on each meal kit’s ease of direction for recipes, meal quality, overall taste and other feedback based on shipping processes and packaging. Whether you’re a longtime meal-kit subscriber or have yet to try ready-to-eat products or recipe meal kits at home just yet, these meal kit delivery services will make following a traditional keto diet program much easier due to pre-portioned servings and strict carbohydrate tracking.

What is the keto diet?

If you’re wondering why keto meal kits are drastically different from other health-focused meal kits, you may not understand the concept of ketosis fully. Sassos explains that the keto diet was first invented to help individuals holistically manage epilepsy, but that its primary objective revolves around optimizing one’s metabolism to use fat as a source of daily energy in place of carbohydrates. Meal kits like the ones featured on this list will ensure that foods containing sugar, carbs or otherwise, won’t prevent your metabolism from using fat as a main energy source. In most traditional keto diets, only 10% of daily calories — just about 20g in total — can come from carbohydrate sources, whereas 70% of calories come from fat-saturated sources.

Keto has long been considered one of the harshest, strictest diets currently popularized by the diet and wellness industry. You’ll work to fully restrict major food groups, including grocery staples like starchy vegetables that are otherwise considered part of a healthy, balanced diet. There are other diet plans — and delivery meal kit services — that can help you work towards weight management goals without requiring you to sacrifice entire food groups.

How much does keto meal delivery cost?

Most keto meal delivery services have a per-portion price model that escalates based on how many people you are cooking for; if the meals are pre-prepped, they’re priced per single-serving, which is easier for single home cooks. Our budget pick starts at just $8.99 per ready-to-eat meal, a better deal for single cooks. Most kits designed for keto-friendly recipes range between $12 and $15 per serving, with some instituting a two-serving minimum per meal, and price models range lower for larger parties.

Keep in mind that all of the keto meal delivery services on this list don’t require you to commit to a long-term subscription — you can cancel (or in some cases, pause) your subscription at any time. Some allow you to do one-time orders, though pricing may be higher in this instance. You can find trial discounts and new customer offers for most of these brands; our top pick, Green Chef, currently offers 50% off the first meal box for new subscribers while maintaining a long-term discount program for military members. Be sure to inquire about new subscription discounts prior to signing up if cost is a concern for you.

Why trust Good Housekeeping?

The Good Housekeeping Institute provides expert reviews and test kitchen advice around meal delivery services, and extensively reviews products designed for keto dieters. Testing for this guide was partially overseen by Stefani Sassos, MS, RD, CDN, deputy director of the nutrition lab in the GH Institute. Stefani has an extensive knowledge of food labeling and nutrition requirements on food products, rigorously evaluating hundreds of claims for products that apply for the Good Housekeeping Seal. Growing up with a family in the restaurant business, Stefani was able to combine her nutrition expertise with culinary skills taught to her by her mother and grandmother. She is an avid home cook and a meal prep expert, and she is passionate about incorporating unique flavors from different cuisines into her dishes.

As Health Editor, Zee Krstic works hand in hand with nutrition authorities in the Good Housekeeping Institute to evaluate consumer products in the diet and nutrition industry and marketing claims in the same space. He fostered a strong background in holistic nutrition early in his career by previously working with a team of registered dietitians at Cooking Light.

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